4 fatty foods that are good for health

Four Fatty Foods That are Good for Health

The foods that you consume each day can affect the health of your body. Therefore many health experts recommend consuming healthy food consisting largely of fruits and vegetables. They rarely recommend you to eat fatty foods because it is believed to be able to add the weight of course bad for health.

But below there are 4 fatty foods that are good for Your consumption for the sake of the health of your body.

1. Butter

Butter milk fat contains a lot that is of course not good for weight loss. But the butter has many benefits for health. Butter can enhance the mood because of the content of selenium in it that can make the nerves of the body become relaxed. In addition the butter can also prevent the body from the damages of the thyroid due to vitamin A in it.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate or brown thick note is very good for health because it is rich in antioxidant substances that are useful to ward off free radicals.

4. Egg

Good egg white or egg yolk contains 13 types of minerals important for the body, which are calcium, magnesium, iron, potasiu, sodium, and selenium. Eggs also contain essential amino acids that help the body's ability in absorbing calories.

That's 4 types of fatty foods that are very important to the health of the body. You are allowed to mengonsumsinya every day but still limited quantities so that it will not interfere with health.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes have long been known as a substitute for carbohydrates in the diet menu due to lower sugar levels than rice or bread. Besides the potato is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc that are very good for skin health.

greasy food resulting in Acne

You are no stranger to the word ' Acne ' right? Then what is thought in the brain when we hear the word ' Acne? ' To my knowledge, the word ' Acne ' is identical to ' skin dull, oily, dirty, black spots, and so on. '

Psychologically, ' Acne ' could mean not confident, minder, felt bad, felt many noted people and others — to another. Many ways done that the acne is destroyed forever from your face. In the end, many people fled with the treatment is fast and requires no ordinary budget. It could be going to the dermatologist, skin care and beauty salon, until acne treatment ala ancestors.

According to the experience of friends surrounding me, among them there are recovered within a few months, there are annual, some are into dependency with prescription, and many more cases I encountered in field.

I just want to share my knowledge with the readers of the blog that we should pay attention to the daily meal menu, because it could be a shortage of certain meals being the main cause of acne.

The menu is like eating greasy, fried foods, lack of drinking water could possibly be so indeed cause acne flourish. But, did you know that lack of substance zinc (zinc) in the body can thus become the main cause of acne on your face. So only by fulfilling these deficiencies, without having to go to the doctor, your face smooth back as toll roads.

Zinc is one of the substances that can overcome the excess oil on the face. The workings of the zinc ayitu through the hormone. So, when you are going through puberty, there was a certain hormone turmoil in the puberitas this causes acne popping up. I just skip the question. I will focus more on the aftermath of puber. There are some people still just from certain acne diwajahnya, puberitasnya when the time has elapsed. Why? One answer is due to an imbalance of hormone. So, when the hormone became unbalanced, there was a flutter of ekresi in the body that cause excess sewage body. For example, sweat, oil. Well, oil, sweat into eating bacteria and fungi, and then came the acne ...

Consume foods containing zinc, can help you overcome the imbalance of hormone and the excess oil on the face so menggatasi can reduce or pimples on the face.  Several studies have proven that those breakouts have fertile level of zinc under normal. There are also people who are into having problems metabolism, the problem of digestive disorders in the stomach when her body zinc deficiency.

Well, back to the Zit problem. The substances zinc can be obtained through food such as milk (milk consumption but may not be excessive because the effect could be liming), cheese, nuts, oysters, beef, grains, spinach, etc.

If you are experiencing indigestion, metabolic disorders plus facial breakouts, it could be that you are indeed deficient intake of zinc in the body. So consume zinc can be attempted. But, if it is not successful there may be other causes are not yet known.

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