7 easy Tips Keep Your eye health

7 easy Tips Keep Your eye health

Tips For Keeping Your Eyes. The eye is the organ in our body that is very valuable. Premises have eyes that are healthy, then we can see the beauty of the world and its contents. To this end, we must maintain and care for eye health in order not to experience a variety of diseases or other health problems such as low vision far, presbiopi, myopia or hipermetropi. Then, is there any easy tips maintain eye health. ...???

Friends, health tips. A great many eye diseases that may is no stranger to our ears like myopia or myopic far, presbiopi or cannot see objects is far or near, hipermetropi or cataracts, nearsightedness, color blindness or who cannot distinguish a variety of colors. The various causes of the disease can afflict your eyes. Like the myopia that afflicts many students, and their hobby in reading the book. To better understand and know how to maintain eye health. The following 7 tips easy to maintain the health of your eyes:

Note The Distance Reading. Try reading a book on the ideal distance. The ideal distance is meant i.e. reading a book at a distance of 30 cm from the book into the eye. This prevents eye diseases such as myopia or nearsightedness.

Don't While Snooze. Try not to read the book or text of any kind in conditions while you snooze. This can also make the eye health is disturbed as can be affected by myopia.

Sufficient Lighting. Do not use too dim lighting while studying or reading any of it. because the less lighting can interfere with the health of the eyes.

Rest Your Eyes. Try to rest the eyes, when it's been too long in front of a computer screen or laptop while working on the task or any activity on your computer or laptop. This is also very important to maintain the health of your eyes.

Don't Kucek. Try not rubbed eyes, when hands are dirty or in a State of exhausted holding something. Because of that dirty hands can infect organs that will be very bad for the health of your eyes.

Flash Eyes. Try winks with intensity a bit plus, at the moment the focus of looking at something too long like a computer or a laptop.

Food For The Eyes. Try to eat foods that are good for eye health. In this case, the carrot is the best type of food for eye health, since many contain vitamin A which is very good for eye health.

The eyes need protection from the harmful effects of the environment. Hence the need to maintain the health of our eyes. The effects of the damage arises when too often exposed by the rays of the Sun, wind, dust, and other factors. In maintaining eye health there are 8 important steps to ensure good protection to your eyes.

Among other tips maintain eye health as follows:

Always check your eyes periodically.
This is great for preventing and treating eye problems that already exist. If you use contact lens  make sure the really clean.

Eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients vitamins A, E and c. Eat lots of carrots are rich in beta carotene and include fish high in omega 3. Try a cup of broccoli because it's also good for the eyes.

Take care of your health and immune system. Avoid too much smoking and drinking excessive alcohol as this can make your eyes look tired. Â the smoking has a bad effect on the blood circulation around the eye area. If you have diabetes, regular check-ups because if ignored it can affect the eyes. Try to also keep blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels.

Protect your eyes with sunglasses or at least 95% protected from UV. Choose the type of glasses frames with   good  to ensure full protection. Wear a hat, hats and umbrellas for use in order to make eyes more shady and protected  from heat. Use protective eyewear when in heavy exercise and when working with tools and heavy machinery.

Be sure to always have clean hands before touching your eyes. Infection of the eye can be started with a hand that is not clean. Also, try to avoid too much rubbing of the eyes. Use a clean cotton handkerchief to clean the eye.

Remember when reading should have good lighting. In watching TV, using an anti-glare screen. Do the same when using a computer. In using the computer can include a screen protector. Take a minute to relaxation from the view of computer.

Do eye exercises as simple as eye blinking to relieve stress. Blinking helps lubricate the eye. Try to close your eyes for about 5 minutes to be relaxed and reduce eye strain. Have time to rest the eyes as much as possible would be good. See something Green is very good for the eyes.

After felt the break was enough, wash your eyes with cold water to reduce eye strain. Use eye drops if in need but should comply with the instructions of the doctor. The most important thing to remember is that your eyes deserve special attention so that you can actually see and appreciate everything life has to offer. Hopefully the tips keep your eye health is beneficial.

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