Causes Of Kidney Disease

The kidney is one of the tools expenses (excretion) in the body, shaped like a peanut that filtering out impurities from blood functions and dispose of it along with water in the form of urine. If the kidneys are not able to run its functions would be fatal to the body, and in medicine known as the disease of kidney failure. To be able to prevent the occurrence of kidney disease on our bodies, then we need to know what things can cause as well as the type of kidney disease.

Causes Of Kidney Disease

Types of kidney disease in for two diseases of acute kidney failure and disease chronic renal failure each type has a different cause of the full explanation here:

Causes of acute Kidney Disease Causes acute Kidney Disease are distinguished into three major groups, namely:
Prerenal cause, namely the reduced blood flow to the kidneys. This can be caused by:
hipovolemia (blood volume which is less), for example due to bleeding.
Dehydration due to loss of fluids, for example because of vomiting, diarrhea, sweating a lot and fever.
Dehydration due to lack of fluid intake.
Drugs, for example drug diuretic which causes excessive fluid expenditure in the form of urine.
Impaired blood flow to the kidneys caused by blockages in the blood vessels of the kidney.
The cause of the renal where damage occurred in the kidneys.
Sepsis: excessive Immune System due to infection causing inflammation and damage to the kidneys.
Drugs are toxic against the kidney.
Rhabdomyolysis: the onset of muscle damage causing the damaged muscle fibers clogging the kidney filtration system. This can occur due to trauma or burns.
Multiple myeloma.
Acute inflammation at the glomerulus, the disease lupus erythematosus, Wegener's granulomatosis, and Goodpasture syndrome.
Postrenal causes, in which the flow of urine from the kidneys.
Obstruction of the urinary tract (ureter or urinary bladder) causes urinary flow reverses direction to the kidneys. If the pressure is higher then it can cause kidney damage and kidney is not functioning anymore.
Prostate enlargement or prostate cancer can obstruct the urethra (part of the urinary tract) and hinder bladder emptying.
A tumor in the abdomen presses as well as clogging up the ureter.

Kidney stones

Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease
Causes of chronic kidney disease is usually caused by some serious diseases, which will take effect gradually kidney organs against damage from you. Some diseases that serves the cause of disease of kidney failure are:
Hypertensi disease or high blood pressure. High blood disease that was not controlled, will damage the blood vessels and the kidneys is in nefron. Where is this damaged nefron can no longer do its job to filter out all the waste, sodium and excess fluid from the blood. In the presence of excess fluid and sodium that is in your blood stream it will put extra pressure on the blood vessel walls and cause your blood pressure to increase it. The presence of excessive blood pressure this was the main factor in disease-causing kidney failure.

Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes Mellitus)

Blockage of the urinary tract (stones, tumors, narrowing/strictures)
Autoimmune disorders, such as systemic lupus erythematosus
Suffering from cancer (cancer)
Kidney disorders, which occurred the development of many cysts on the kidney organ itself (polycystic kidney disease)
The existence of cell damage in the kidneys filter either by infection or inflammation due to the impact of high blood disease. The term medical degree are known as glomerulonephritis.

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