Chocolate Can Be An Alternative to Cough Medicine

Chocolate Can Be An Alternative to Cough Medicine

You may know many natural cough medicines, such as honey, salt water, and pineapple juice. However, recently many have discussed natural treatments for coughing using chocolate. Yes, foods made from cocoa are believed to be used to relieve coughing. So, is it really effective? Check the reviews deeper before you try to treat coughing with chocolate.

Chocolate to relieve coughing

An article from the Daily Mail page discusses that chocolate can treat coughing. The article uploaded by Alyn Morice, MD, a researcher in heart and respiratory health from the University of Hull and a member of the International Society, certainly attracted the attention of many people.

The article refers to the research he has conducted which was also published in the 2016 British Media Journal. A total of 137 patients were asked to take cacao-based cough medicines with ordinary cough syrup. The results show that patients who use cacao cough medicine can recover within two days. It's faster than ordinary cough syrup which usually takes 7 days or more to heal.

Dr. Morice also explained that there had been previous studies that also showed the potential for the chocolate to relieve coughing. Researchers agree that chocolate contains theobromine which is a compound in cocoa that is better than codeine which has side effects causing drowsiness.

Theobromine can form a sticky layer that protects nerve endings in the throat so that it suppresses coughing. The combination with diphenhydramine in cacao-based cough medicines also increases the effectiveness of drugs to relieve cough.

Is regular chocolate with drugs made from cocoa as effective?

Although both use cocoa, the effect of eating chocolate by taking cocoa-based medicine is different. Eating chocolate candy or drinking hot chocolate alone will not be able to relieve coughing.

Because the food and drinks do not form a protective layer in the throat for a long time. However, this drink or food might give a temporary feeling of relief in the throat.

You need to know if chocolate-based cough medicines don't only contain cacao or diphenhydramine. The drug also contains ammonium chloride (expectorant) and levomenthol (the drug provides a cold sensation to relieve the throat from itching and coughing).

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