Contraceptive Pills Make Your Skin Smoother?

Contraceptive Pills Make Your Skin Smoother?

The purpose of usage of contraceptives was preventing the occurrence of pregnancy. However, it turns out, in addition to the functions of prevention pregnancy, contraception can also make facial skin becomes smooth.

Why and which birth control?

Rani, unattached, 20 years diligently listen to an article about the pill in the middle of the magazines she read. That made him interested in writing, information indicated that birth control pills can make your skin so smooth, clean with no acne. Really?

According to Prof. Dr. Dr. Biran Affandi, SP. OG from MEDICINE, contraception, such as birth control pills, generally indeed consumed to plan a family. However, there are many kinds of contraceptives. One of them, hormonal contraceptive that can be used to address hormonal imbalances in the body. Meanwhile, acne ever arise due to hormonal imbalance. So, in addition to those associated with pregnancy, contraception also functions to create hormones balanced.

Understanding birth control actually is an attempt to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy.  "Nature can be temporary or permanent. Unlike family planning (KB) that the broader meaning, namely set or planning a pregnancy to menjarangkan family,  "clearly Biran.

There are two types of contraception, namely hormonal and non-hormonal. Non-hormonal contraceptives there are three kinds. The first, contraceptive techniques. For example, by breastfeeding.  "Breastfeeding 24 hours (full breast-feeding) during the first six months of age infants will effect on prevention of ovulation, " clearly Biran. In addition, breastfeeding women also haven't gotten her period.

Secondly, the mechanical contraception, namely the spiral (IUD) and condoms. IUD birth control is placed in the uterus.  "But there is a spiral effect, i.e. inflicting pain in the abdomen, pelvic infection, bleeding outside the period of menstruation. Menstrual blood or that out more than usual.  "while condoms serve as blocking the sperm get into the vagina.  "But, this too can fail. Usually because the condom is not installed since the beginning of intercourse. Condoms are also easily torn if scratched the nails or other sharp objects. Installation of condom ever took, in addition to reducing the sexual sensation,  "said Biran.

The third is the sterilization method, namely the prevention of pregnancy with ovary cells binding on women (tubektomi) or testicles in men (vasectomy).  "This method is effective for those who want to prevent pregnancy permanently, not temporarily. " effective and FLEXIBLE

Hormonal contraceptives have the main function to prevent pregnancy, but it can also be used to address hormonal imbalances of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

 "Contraception affects the levels of estrogen and progesterone that prevents ovulation, so it will prevent pregnancy, " clearly Biran.

However, hormonal contraceptives should not be given to women who are pregnant, have abnormalities in the blood vessels of the brain, the liver function disorders or tumors in the uterus. The hormonal contraceptives are pills include combination, syringe, susuk, koyo also KB.  "Is indeed practical and syringe KB cheap, but have a weakness, it can disrupt the menstrual cycle, " said Biran.

Similarly, susuk planted under the skin of the arm. Practical, but the effect is to make painful arm and often problematic when the process of revocation. Koyo KB affixed to the skin each week. Alas, for sensitive-skinned, koyo is often cause allergies.

Contraceptive Pills Make Your Skin Smoother?

Until now, the most effective is a combination pill is considered or referred to oral contraception (OC). OC is a combination of estrogen and progesterone berdosis low.

The advantages of OC is able to work in many different ways at once, among other things, prevent the occurrence of ovulation, thicken the cervical mucus so the sperm cannot enter the uterus, as well as making the walls of the uterine cavity is not ready to accept and live the results of fertilization. However, it should be disciplined. With discipline, protection against the onset of pregnancy could reach 100 percent.

In addition, this way too flexible, it can be stopped at any time. If you want to get pregnant, can simply stop taking the pills.  "Normally, 3 months after you stop taking the pill, women will get pregnant, " shot Biran. The use of these pills are also relatively practical syringe that still allows the onset of shock.

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