Diabetes Mellitus is a disease in which levels of glucose in the blood is high because the body cannot use insulin or releasing sufficient or properly. In healthy persons blood sugar levels are regulated by several hormones especially insulin produced by the pancreas.  Insulin will bind sugar to be appointed through the circulation to its destination across the cells of the body are used as fuel. In diabetic patients, sugar remains in the blood, which makes the cells of the body's "hunger" and also damage other tissues of the body that are exposed to the blood of the sweets.

     According to Data from the WHO, stated that the number of sufferers of Diabetes Mellitus continues to increase every year. Data for the year 2001 mentions the number of sufferers of the disease by 17 million people. Indonesia itself was ranked fourth in the world for the number of people with Diabetes Mellitus after India, China and the United States.

     Persons with DM have to do checks glucose levels or blood sugar regularly to make sure that his illness under control so that the risk of complications can be prevented or at least slowed down. Inspection results describing blood glucose blood sugar levels at the time measured. Examination of blood glucose results are strongly influenced by diet, physical activity/exercise, and new drugs being eaten and therefore cannot describe how to control glucose levels in the long term. When blood sugar levels are not controlled in the long run that led to the development of chronic complications. To control it then needs to be performed HbA1c.

     HbA1c is a substance formed from the bonds between hemoglobin with glucose (part of red blood cells). The amount of HbA1c that is formed in the body is strongly influenced by the average blood glucose levels. HbA1c is formed in the body will accumulate in the cells-red blood cells and will decompose slowly along with the expiration of the life of red blood cells (the average age of red blood cell is 120 days).

Blood glucose checks do not require preparation specifically. The goal for the early detection of patients suspected of suffering from a DM before further examination is done. Make sure the compact tool available to detect commonly called G-D stick, the following tool description cotton, alcohol, GD stick. Live taken a little blood from your finger tip using a needle that had been available, the tools mounted on a stick, the stick is inserted into the blood passes through the small hole in the edge of the stick, and the results came out. Normal fasting blood sugar value = < 125 mg/dl
Fasting blood sugar checks (GDP)

His preparation was fasting overnight about 10-12 hours. In the morning before breakfast you depart to the laboratory of the clinic to take his blood to fasting blood sugar levels checked. Normal value = 70-110 mg/dl

Examination of blood sugar 2 hour post prandial

This examination is done after fasting blood sugar checks. You are required to spend 75 grams of glucose is dissolved into water 200 mL in 5 minutes. Next you break without making excessive activity for 2 hours then examined. Normal value is < 140 mg/dl

Early symptoms and signs of illness of Diabetes that I thoroughly peeled and here more. Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a disease which is caused because the body can not produce hormones or blood sugar balance is also known as insulin. Because insulin does not work well or not sufficient so that as a result of blood sugar in the body increases. For those who have a family history of diabetes are also likely to suffer from diabetes. But the disease is not only occurs in people who have a history of Diabetes alone.

Each person can only experience this disease due to high cholesterol hypertension obesity and lack of physical activities like sports. For those who are already aged 40 years and above with a fat body to further take heart because of the risk of the occurrence of diabetes. For those who are staying up too often needs to also be vigilant because some research done turned out to be a habit of sleeping late and lack of sleeping hours resulting in the secretion of the hormone insulin that is not perfect. Because sugar can not be changed into energy as a result of piling on the sugar levels in the blood so that it triggers the onset of diabetes mellitus. Causative factors of diabetes not because of eating too much sugar but because eating patterns become high in fat and lack of exercise that needs to be restricted is the total calories that we consume.

Early Symptoms Of Diabetes.
Often do pee. Always feel thirsty and drinking a lot.
Always feel hungry and eat a lot.
Weight has decreased.
Event of a failure on the eyes like the eyes of a blur or blindness.
The Agency became noticeably weaker.
Often sleepy.
If the wound is then wound will long to heal.
Easy occurrence of urinary tract infections in the gums and skin.

For diabetics advanced stage usually occurs symptoms symptoms such as tingling skin thick tersa often hot and frequently needles impaled like cramping easily tired and drowsy sexual arousal experienced a decline. If the sufferer is pregnant the pregnancy disorder occurs sometimes as fetal death in womb of miscarriage or a baby born with a weight in excess of normal.

Type Of Diabetes According To Experts Kesetahan.

The first type: around 10% to 15% of this type of diabetes sufferers and usually occurs in young children and adolescents under 20 years or cause is the occurrence of the damage to the pancreas so that the reduced production of insulin in the body. The first type is difficult to predict because it is prevented and genetic disorders carried since birth cause because the body cannot make the hormone insulin again with good then to regulate his blood sugar sufferers should use insulin injections or an insulin pump.

The second type is a type: the most suffered are now about 85% 90% of diabetics of type and usually occurs in people over 31 years. And occurs due to insulin resistance in terms of insulin is enough but can not work well in regards to control sugar levels in the blood. This type usually given oral drugs or drug thrash this second type of diabetes is highly preventable and predictable because it usually strikes people the less exercise and unhealthy eating patterns.

The danger if allowed to go on late into the symptoms of diabetes and the cause of death of people with diabetes not because of diabetes disease itself but due to complications arising. Almost 40% of diabetics undergoing heart disease and the rest suffered complications such as kidney cancer and stroke.
If the disease of diabetes mellitus is left without a serious handling then it can trigger the onset of complications:

The occurrence of renal failure.
The onset of blindness.
Disorders of the nervous system.
Penyaki troke.
Erectile disorders in men.
Heart disease.
Very susceptible to infection.
Disorders of the cardiovascular or circulatory system.
Allow experienced amputation.
By exercising regularly.

Proper diet and lose excess weight then it can normalize blood sugar levels in the body's blood sugar will rise again if the third it is not maintained properly. Until now still has not found a cure for diabetes is really powerful so do early prevention by conducting life as healthy as eating patterns is good enough rest.

How To Avoid Diabetes.

Don't be too excessive stress and olahragalah on a regular basis. For diabetics should go on a diet to diabetes namely eat foods that contain carbohydrates such as potatoes rice substitute fiber Brown rice cereal flour whole wheat whole wheat bread. Also make it a habit of consuming vegetables rich in fiber because it is nice to help a diabetic diet program like cucumbers cabbage and lettuce. For fruits that are good for diabetics is the tomato a citrus fruit and berry. Soak up the Sun in the morning because it can improve the function of cells in the body that produces insulin. Exercise regularly because with moves and physical activities can lower blood sugar levels in the body.


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