How Lovely that Harm the fetus

From his brother-in-law, Na dapet info new yg bikin shock. A wrote a very important info for all walks of life, especially of pregnant women. UM, maybe a lot of yg already know, but make this new info Na. What info? why with pregnant women?.

Time brother-in-law Na contains resin, he asked the obstetrician where he was a regular consultation. The question, he wrote about cosmetic wear during pregnancy. Brother-in-law Na only use powder and lipstick, sow without moisturizer especially skin whitener. Hearing that, the doctor spoke up nice. He said brother-in-law, the doctor shows image 2 baby yg was born of ibu2 using cosmetic products contain chemicals.

How Lovely that Harm the fetus

The image is either a deformed yg babies are physically like a cleft organ, yg is incomplete and its development is not the maximum. In addition, the doctor said the baby could have died diperut or miscarriage. Jove ...

Not only is the fact of the image or the advice of obstetrician that, brother-in-law Na jg told me about bbrp yg knows good pregnant mothers in the home environment and the school his son, gave birth to a baby's cleft defects even yg ga has proven krn mouth langit2 while pregnant, her mother continued to use the whitening cosmetic face.

The Mercury

Many cosmetic products on the market contain chemicals such as mercury bahan2 yg dlm whitening products usually face. What and how is this mercury can harm for fetus, info from, Na paste it here:

There are two General forms of mercury in the environment, mercury is oxidized, Hg (II), which are more soluble in water. Mercury mercury, Hg (p), which can tie themselves with particulate or aerosols. The concentration of mercury in air are usually low and rarely a source of problems. However, upon entering the water, biological processes convert it to its very toxic.

In the waters and sedimennya, the activity of bacteria convert the mercury into organic form, methylmercury, CH3Hg. ozone levels and acid Conditions that increase is believed to be pushing the process of change.

Once in the body, methylmercury leached very slow. Studies show that an embryo or newborn infants and small children are the most sensitive to mercury poisoning than an adult human. Methylmercury can even supply to the placenta and accumulates in the brain of an infant candidate. Simply applied found in breast milk. In pregnant women the symptoms might not be perceived, but rather, with the potential that would be inflicted on her baby. The risk of children being born will experience disability which is without legs, without hands or head shape irregular.

On the embryo or newborn babies and small children, methylmercury is proven to prevent the normal development of the nervous system and cause injuries to the brain. Low contamination levels may not be visible until the motor and verbal ability when the child suddenly becomes delayed or abnormal.

Methyl mercury the more dangerous in pregnant women. Although all mercury can penetrate the placenta, but methyl mercury is absorbed the baby is 30 percent higher than in the mother's blood. Consequently when not a miscarriage, the baby who is born will be a lot of problems. The balance is disturbed, the late motoriknya motion, low IQ, the disabled, and so on.

All women definitely want to look pretty, especially when pregnant yg yg perubahan2 much happening indeed unpleasant on the skin. Beauty products become a way to stay beautiful. Although only smeared on the skin within the meaning of the tdk consumed directly, but said the obstetrician, nonetheless the substance last will enter the body through skin pores. So how beautiful yesteryear could harm to the fetus.
Posted by joperpati on Sunday, August 27, 2006 4 comments links to this post: tips on Smart Managing Heartburn during pregnancy

Did you know, estimated as many as 4 million of the Middle world women conceive and bear on this year? Unfortunately, most of these two-body women potentially suffered what is called heartburn, a condition of heartburn, hot, such as ditusuk-tusuk. Sometimes even the esophagus also feels hot like fire.

Even though heartburn is noticeably painful for mothers-to-be, but will not hurt the baby who was conceived. During pregnancy, hormonal changes, which take effect on cerna food on pregnant women worked more slowly. So, often the House mother incorporated two easily suffer from bloating, as the effects.

Heartburn occurs when food is in the stomach back into the esophagus. Well, the stomach acid which go up this causes a burning sensation, that you feel like coming from the solar plexus. Stomach acid is riding this irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach.

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