Doctors at the National Taiwan Hospital recently shocked the world of medicine due to the discovery of a case of a 37-year-old young doctor who during this very trust the results of examination of liver function (SGOT, SGPT) *, but apparently the time ahead Chinese new year feast is known positively suffering from liver cancer 10 cm!!

During this time nearly everyone depends very much on the results of examination of liver function indices (Liver Function Index). They assume if the examination results of a normal index means all is OK. This kind of misunderstanding is apparently also done by many specialist doctors. Really shocking! The doctors who are supposed to provide knowledge on the general public, apparently having knowledge that is not true.
There is currently a patient doctor Hsu who complained that during the last month often have stomach pain and weight down very much. After the examination of new found existence of supersound liver cancer which is very large, almost 80% of livernya (liver) already lined up.

The patient was very aghast, "How is it possible? Last year new medical check-up and the results were all normal. How is it possible in only 1 year relative short period of liver cancer can grow big? "

It turns out the check-up is done just check liver function. Examination results also showed "normal". Examination of liver function is one of the most careful examination item is known by the public. But this item is also the most widely misunderstood by our society (Taiwan because the writers are domiciled there, but also including community Indonesia misunderstood).

In General, most people assume that when the results of examination of liver function index shows the normal number means there is no problem with the liver. But this view resulted in the emergence of sad stories because of the loss of chance of detecting cancer early stage since.

Doctor Hsu says, SGOT and SGPT enzyme is most widely found in the cells of the liver. If there is inflammation of the liver or because one or the other reason so that the liver cells die, SGOT and SGPT will run to the outside. This causes a SGPT and SGOT content in the blood increases.

But the absence of an increase in the number of SGOT and SGPT does not mean not the case hardening or absence of liver cancer. For many the hepatitis sufferers, although the condition of inflammation of their hearts have stopped, but in the liver (liver) they have formed the fibres and hardening of the liver. With the formation of the hardening of the heart, it will be easy for liver cancer has occurred. In addition, at the early stage of liver cancer, liver index also will not increase. Because at times the growth of cancer, only the surrounding cells are attacked so damaged and die. Because of this damage only in small scale then numbers SGOT and SGPT is probably still in the normal range. Let's say the ride was not a high rise will occur. But because many people don't understand this so that the result there was many a sad story.

The main causes of liver damage are:

Bed too night and wake up too during the is the cause of most major.
No bowel movements in the morning.
A diet that is too exaggerated
Grilled meat, satay, and fried foods/unhealthy cooking oils. As far as possible reduce cooking oil use to fry the food, this also applies despite using the best cooking oils like olive oil one though.
Fried dishes should be consumed once, don't be saved..
Do not eat in the morning.
Too much consuming drugs or even drugs.
Consuming too many preservatives, additives (flavor enhancer), substances, dyes, artificial sweeteners.
Consuming raw or cooked cuisine ½ ripe.
Smoking or become passive smokers.

We have to do prevention without removing the surcharge. Simply adjust the lifestyle and daily eating patterns. Treatment of eating patterns and conditions time is needed so that our bodies can do the absorption and elimination of substances that are not useful in accordance with "the schedule".

Evening: 21.00 – 23.00
The timing for the disposal of substances not useful/toxic (de-toxin) in the system of antibodies (lymph nodes). During this time duration should be undertaken with a tranquil atmosphere or listen to the music (even better when it is sleeping). When the time a housewife is still in a relaxed condition such as washing dishes or supervise the child learns, it can have a negative impact.

Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancers suffered by men and the seventh cancer suffered by women. Many liver cancer cases are found in developing countries, especially in South East Asia and Eastern, Central and Western Africa. In 2008, found 694,000 cases of death from liver cancer and make cancer the third cause of death in the world. In Indonesia alone, there were 13,238 liver cancer cases and cancer deaths case 112,825 hearts in 2008.

Liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma, also known as begins with symptoms such as pain in the abdomen, experience weight loss and if we handle them the right top part of the stomach will feel there's a bump. Those who are infected with hepatitis B or C virus susceptible exposed to liver cancer.

Liver cancer is one disease that is related to the hepatobillier system and pancreas. Some other penyakti are gallstones, cirrhosis (hardening of heart), hepatitis, liver tumors, liver fatty liver or perlemakan (a condition in which there is excess fat in the liver) and pancreatic cancer. Liver function disorders can be caused by several things such as hepatitis virus infection, excess alcohol consumption, diabetes, obesity, toxic substances, genetic disorders and cancer.

Hepatobiliary system abnormalities can also be bermanisfestasi in many forms. Ikterik or known as jaundice is the most common symptom occurs and becomes the focus of the examination though not always being the dominant symptom. Someone affected by hepatitis or cirrhosis to have symptoms of ikterik, in which the skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow due to increased bilirubin in the blood plasma.

Bilirubin is the main product of spending of old red blood cells and is filtered from the blood by the liver, and excreted in the bile fluid. If liver function is disrupted or damaged then the total bilirubin will increase resulting in an ikterik.

Disorders of bilirubin in bile duct drainage due to liver disorders referred to as intrahepatic ikterik. Acute and chronic hepatitis is one disease that is associated with ikterik intrahepatic. Types of hepatitis are common attack is hepatitis A, B, and c. Hepatitis A is an acute liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus that is transmitted through water or food contaminated virus. While hepatitis B is caused by the hepatitis B virus that is transmitted through contact with blood or body fluid of the sufferer.

Almost the same as hepatitis B, hepatitis C also commands transmitted through contact with contaminated blood virus. Hepatitis C virus infection sometimes leads to acute illness that can turn into a chronic condition such as liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Many people are not aware of the symptoms of liver disease because some of the symptoms do not seem like serious diseases, including body feels tired and limp, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and fever are often considered a nuisance the incoming wind. They presume that they seriously if new experienced vomiting blood, skin and eyes become yellowish, swelling and pain in the abdomen (belly), the skin is easily bruised and suffered internal bleeding (bleeding gums or nose bleeding) and mental disorders.

In the case of liver disease can be cured with various terap treatment without having to replace the organ was the liver. But in the case of liver damage is severe, the sufferer will need new hearts through a process of layering or liver transplant.

How To Treat Liver Cancer

During this time it is believed that the only cure for liver cancer is proven through the grafting of heart for small tumors that are less than three centimeters and individually. However, later a number of doctors who say that small tumors can be removed through surgery with penyayatan against most of the liver. That is, the operation is not carried out for the benefit of liver transplant.

According to them, the operation penyayatan the liver also has the survival of one and three years for sufferers. These survival figures are comparable to the actions of a liver transplant. Most liver cancer sufferers don't want to undergo surgery of liver penyayatan. They better have a transplant, that the Rapture the whole heart and cancer of liver graft then exposed from donors. For patients with cancer of the liver, liver penyayatan operations are feared will only bring up back cancer elsewhere in the liver on a few years later. Moreover, according to some experts, if someone ever had cancer of the liver, so it tends to suffer from another tumor tumor-at the same time or in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, results of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, kemoembolisasi, Ablation, and proton beam therapy, too often disappointing. Moreover, there is rarely a comparison of each type of treatment. No wonder people with cancer of the liver is only exposed to a variety of treatment options without ever could obtain satisfaction over the result.

The following are the methods of treatment of liver cancer that can be optioned by sufferers:

1. Systematic Chemotherapy

Systematic chemotherapy was the most commonly used is the doxorubicin (Adriamycin) and 5-fluorouracil (5FU). These drugs are used simultaneously or a combination. Unfortunately, these drugs are very toxic, whereas the results were often disappointing.

In addition, there is also a drug called tamoxifen (Nolvadex). However, so far it has not shown significant benefits

The other drug is octreotide (sandostatin) is given as an injection to slow the progression of the tumor-cancerous tumor of the liver. But not yet proven potency.

2. Chemotherapy Hepatic Artery Infusion

Normal liver gets 70 percent of the blood supply of portal vein and hepatic arteries of 30 percent. Liver cancer got the blood supply exclusively from the hepatic artery. Therefore, emerging methods of chemotherapy through hepatic artery directly on the tumor. In theory, drugs can be delivered to the tumor-a tumor without making the drug poisoning sufferers.

However, chemotherapy drugs are in fact able to flow throughout the body. As a result, intra-arterial chemotherapy thus can cause side effects systematically. This method of treatment can also cause side effects such as regional, inflammation of the gall bladder, stomach and intestinal ulcers, and inflammation of the pancreas. In fact, the liver cancer patients in advanced stage could suffer liver failure after doing this treatment.

A radiologist usually perform the procedure through the hepatic artery. He will work closely with expert cancer who received chemotherapy determines the number of sufferers at every session of treatment. Some sufferers may undergo repeated sessions at intervals of 6-12 week.

This procedure is done with the help of x-ray imaging. a catheter is inserted into the femoral artery in the groin and disusupkan into the aorta (the main artery of the body). From the aorta, the catheter is pushed entry into hepatic artery. After the branches of the hepatic artery feeding on liver cancer chemotherapy drugs, then diindentifikasi else is infused. The whole procedure takes 1-2jam, then the catheter removed.

Generally, increased liver tests or worsen during 3hari 2-after the procedure the chemotherapy through hepatic artery was performed. Increased liver tests is actually caused by the death of tumor cells and some cells is not a tumor.

After hepatic artery chemotherapy through done, sufferers can also experience abdominal pain and low-grade fever. This indicates that a more serious complications have developed.

3. A Proton Beam Therapy

Proton Beam Therapy is a therapeutic technique that is able to deliver a high radiation dose dose-on a specified local area. This therapy is also used in the treatment of tumor-malignant tumors among others. Unfortunately, there has been no evidence about the efficacy of this treatment methods for liver cancer.

4. Operation

Action performed on a tumor sufferers have less than five cm long and are limited to the liver. Other terms for the Act's operation was no invasion of blood vessels against hearts.

5. Penyayatan Heart

Penyayatan liver (liver resection) aims to lift all of the tumor and the liver tissue disekelilingnya without leaving any tumor in tow. This action can only be performed against the sufferers have small tumors the size of tumor-three centimeters or less, a perfect liver function, and without cirrhosis. However, since the terms that it is not much of a liver cancer sufferers can undergo penyayatan.

The biggest concern of the penyayatan is that after surgery, the sufferer may experience liver failure. Liver failure can also occur if the part that is left behind from the heart it is not adequate to provide the support necessary to live.

6. Liver Transplantation

A liver transplant could be one method of treatment for patients with end-stage liver cancer of various types, such as hepatitis B and C or chronic alcoholic cirrhosis. Survival figures for sufferers without liver cancer is 90 percent in one year, 80 percent in three years, and 75 percent in five years.
Liver transplantation is the best choice for sufferers who had a tumor the size of tumor-less than five cm also had signs of liver failure. In fact, the liver transplant on sufferers who have tumor-sized tumors less than three centimeters, but has no involvement with the blood vessels can run well.

After implantation the sufferer has the risk of recurrence of liver cancer is less than 10 percent. On the other hand, sufferers have tumor-tumors are larger than five centimeters or with the involvement of the blood vessels is very high risk for experiencing a recurrence of liver cancer.

In summary, penyayatan can do for sufferers who have small tumors and tumor-heart function is normal or there is no evidence of cirrhosis. Whereas, the sufferer having liver tumor kaker-yangbanyak or large tumors can also undergo a liver transplant, but must be appeased or alleviated with intra arterial chemotherapy. The requirement of sufferers do not have signs of liver failure.

7. Liver Biopsy or are siphoned off

Liver cancer tissue can be taken sampelnya by using a very thin needle. This technique is called fine needle are siphoned off. Whereas, when a larger needle is used to get a core network, then the technique is called a biopsy.

The radiologist usually use CT Scan to direct the placement of the needle nor do the biopsy and fine needle are siphoned off. The most common risk of biopsy is bleeding, mainly because of liver cancer is a tumor containing blood vessels.

Are siphoned off proceedure is more secure than biopsy because it has a smaller risk of bleeding. However, it still requires a fine needle are siphoned off a pathologist with high skills.

If a sufferer has liver cancer risk factors, such as cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B, chronic or hepatisis C, and blood levels of AFP are up significantly, so doctors usually conclude without doing a biopsy that the person have liver cancer.

Signs Of Liver Cancer

Roughly three-quarters of liver cancer cases are found in countries in Asia, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Liver cancer is also becoming a very common disease in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Mozambique and South Africa.

More than 20 cases per 100,000 population of liver cancer occurring in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. While in North America and Western Europe occurred less than five per 100,000 population.

The frequency of liver cancer in Alaska is comparable to that found in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the frequency of liver cancer in America in General is thus increased, especially cancer chronic hepatitis C, a liver infection that causes liver cancer.

In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are approximately 430,000 new cases of liver cancer worldwide. A similar number also appear from the sufferer who died of this disease.

Symptoms – symptoms of liver cancer

Early symptoms of liver cancer are actually variable. In countries that are experiencing the prevalence of this disease, liver cancer generally found in a very advanced stage. This happens for a variety of reasons, including because of limited access to medical services such as developing countries.

In countries that have a high frequency of heart cancer, there are no survivors who are at risk of suffering from this disease. However, they suffer from the disease of liver cancer is more aggressive. That is, they are suffering from tumors to reach an advanced stage so that the symptoms of liver cancer thus come faster.

Instead, the survivors in areas of low frequency heart cancer tend to have tumor-cancerous tumor of the liver which is progressing more slowly. In other words, they do not have symptoms that lasts longer.

Symptoms of liver cancer are the most common and usually signifies a very large tumors or liver involvement is immense pain or abdominal pain. In addition, weight loss and fever that can not be explained is the warning signs of cancer of the liver.

The appearance of liver cancer are the most common early on a sufferer who has no complications from liver disease is the emergence of sudden complications. For example, the appearance of the fluid suddenly.


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