The acne was gone sometimes give rise to acne scars on the face. Acne scars is of course disturbing appearance. Some cases even acne scarring acne that cannot be missing in quite a long time.

Then how to remove acne scars on the face? Some time ago Tipsehat4u once wrote how to remove acne. Acne was gone, mark now lives alone. Unfortunately again this nempel acne scars on the face longer than the acne itself.

For those who feel troubled by acne scars on the face, calm. Because there are some natural ingredients are potent enough to eliminate acne scars. The following are 4 natural ingredients to eliminate acne scars.

1. Aloe Vera/Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used centuries ago for the treatment of skin and hair. It turns out that Aloe Vera is also a powerful tool to get rid of acne scars. Nowadays even many products busting acne scars with Aloe Vera base material.

2. Honey

Besides it tastes sweet, honey is a natural antibacterial and can smooth skin. To get rid of acne scars with honey, can with honey-slathered around acne scars then massage for a few minutes. After that bilaslah with warm water.

3. Olive oil

No question about it, olive oil include many natural ingredients contained in cosmetics. Olive oil can be used to soften the skin like honey. This olive oil can reduce acne scars that are stuck to the face.

4. Tomato

The tomato is a fruit that is rich in vitamin a. Tomatoes can increase collagen production, thus cleaning the face skin from acne scars. How to use it pretty easy, tomato slices and then paste on acne scars at least 2 times a day.

5. Glycolic acid (glycolic acid)

Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane tree. Glycolic acid which is applied on the skin, can help lift the dead skin cells and cleanse the pores of the face are clogged.

Glycolic acid is also a very powerful tool to get rid of acne scars. But don't be too redundant because the side effects can cause redness and irritation of the skin.

It last 5 powerful natural ingredients to eliminate acne scars. May be useful. How to remove acne scars Naturally 100% Powerful

5 ways to get rid of acne with natural materials

Face breakouts naturally feels uncomfortable and letting appearance feels inadequate and ashamed for most among adolescents. The origin of the need you guys know acne is a skin disease that affects the oil glands of the skin, caused by several factors such as food and hormones. However the skin disease is not dangerous, just skin diseases can reduce the confidence in her appearance. Sometimes like to touch and squeeze the acne which is very stubborn, but caution it could cause severe due to increased acne bacteria from feces of our hands. How to resolve or treat acne naturally can, with the sale of drugs or diapotik. But there are natural substances that can be used to treat acne, the following 5 ways to remove acne with natural materials: 

1. Leaf Aloe Vera Aloe Vera can treat acne because Aloe Vera gel containing anti-bacterial, in addition Aloe Vera gel useful nutrients for the skin. how to treat it, select a large Aloe Vera leaf, because the greater the content of Aloe Vera gel on the more great for the skin of the face. then cut, then Peel and rinse with clean water, after that apply Aloe Vera gel on face breakouts. 

2. Mask Of Jicama And Lime Content found from both these ingredients good overcoming stubborn acne. How to make a mask jicama and lime as follows: Peel jicama and then rinse with water until clean, then grated or blended until pulverized, tambahakan a little water and squeeze to get her Sari. then take the juice and add the jicama with lime juice, apply the mask at night and leave on until morning. then rinse until clean. 

3. Mask Of Lemon can remove acne, lemon can also remove stains as well as facial mecerahkan acne scars. How to make acne masks as follows: take one lemon, cut into two parts and then squeezed to grab her Sari, and then apply the padah facial breakouts for 15 minutes afterwards rinse using clean water. 

4. Use the ice cube ice cubes can eliminate the jerwat because it can improve the blood circulation, in smooth blood circulation can help menghilagkan acne. Here's how: take the ice cubes to taste, wrap using a clean cloth. May be located in the facial breakouts for a few seconds, perform regularly until the acne mengepis. 

5. Tomato Mask vitamin A and C in tomatoes, to treat stubborn acne on the face. How to make tomato mask is very easy and does not elaborate, take one plum tomatoes then blend or shredded until pulverized. After that, apply to the face, let sit for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water until clean. 

That's 5 ways to treat acne with natural materials that can get around the US, but need not be direct treatment dingat efficacious in Flash or shorter, it took a couple of days in proes healing. Hopefully this article can be useful!


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