Research Shows The Seaweed Is Capable Of Coping With Cancer

Research Shows The Seaweed Is Capable Of Coping With Cancer

Cancer is an epidemic that can be found around the world, with a total of 1.5 million new cases were diagnosed in 2010 in the United States. While medical researchers have made progress in the prevention and treatment of cancer, they keep trying to find new cancer drugs. Fucoidan, is one of the very promising anti-cancer component of vegetable, this substance is found in Brown seaweed. Even if there is no diet of seaweed that are specifically for the prevention or treatment of cancer, seaweed can be extra food that is healthy for you.
There are over 100 different types of cancer, including cancers of the breast, prostate, pancreas and colon. They have common origins and patterns of growth. Each comes from a mutated cells, which form when the cell'S DNA, or genetic material, is broken. The mutated cells could then be turned into cancer cells, which reproduce themselves uncontrollably. Cell mutations can be started by a lot of factors, including heredity, solar radiation, a poor diet, certain drugs and carcinogens such as cigarette smoke and industrial pollutants.

The Role Of Seaweed

Seaweed could be a powerhouse of nutrition and therapy for the cure of cancer. Kelp, is one of the family members of the Brown seaweed, which contain high amounts of calcium, iron and potassium. In addition, the seaweed is also a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, B complex, E and k. in addition also contains fucoidan, a complex sugar molecules that may have anti-cancer properties. According to clinical herbalist, S Bunk in her book "Wise Woman Tradition: Healing Wise," seaweed may provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-cancer and the antioxidant benefits.

Scientific Research

Lately, the more popular Fucoidans talked about in the world of medical research related to the existing relationship with cancer. For example, on the issue July 2011 "Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology" includes also study conducted by Russia on fucoidan in three Brown seaweed indicates the effectiveness of seaweed in killing cancer cells.  In test experiments conducted against skin cancer cells and human colon cancer cells given extract fucoidan, scientists concluded that fucoidan can interfere with the reproduction of cancer cells and colonies may be the phytochemicals anti-tumor effective. Fucoidans function to fight cancer cells.

Inflammation and cell damage

Many species of seaweed have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation which is now known as a risk factor in the growth of cancer cells and other serious diseases. According to an article released in 2008 "Mutation Research" which was written by JK Kundu and Y-j. Surh, inflammation plays an important role in the growth of cancer cells and the formation of tumors. The authors argue that chronic inflammation is a driving force on the way to cancer.  Consume seaweed can help inhibit cancer cells to thrive. Further research is required before carefully seaweed can be widely recommended as a preventive or treatment of cancer.  While waiting for the final results of tests cancer patients still have to undergo medical treatment in a conventional

Kelp is a type of sea algae vegetation or multicellular algae, that do not have roots, stems, and leaves, with a variegated form, ranging from the flat, round shape, tube or in branches.

The seaweed already known worldwide since the 16th century and became a source of food for the Aztec and Mesoamericans.

Seaweed is a 100 percent natural source of nutrients that have a variety of health benefits for anyone who mengonsumsinya. Here are some of the health benefits that can be obtained with the avidly consume seaweed:

The Benefits Of Seaweed:

1. Prevent Anemia

Research also proves that, spiriluna type of seaweed can also stabilize the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and hemoglobin. In addition, seaweed function reduces the side effects of terhambatnya production of cells producing blood cells. The research proved that seaweeds increase hematopoiesis, i.e. the formation of red blood cells. It is believed to be due to the high iron content in it.

2. Overcoming Allergies

Seaweed can also be against allergic reksi with how to prevent the release of histamine or substances that cause allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose and watery eyes.

3. Prevent Cancer

The research of Harvard School of Public Health in the Americas in premenopausal women revealed that Japan had a three times less affected by breast cancer than American women. This is due to a diet that Japan women are always adding seaweed in their dining menu.
Accelerates Wound Healing

Vitamin C in seaweed contains antioxidants like vitamin A, as well as maintaining the strength of bones, teeth, gums, skin health and also help to wound healing, and strengthening blood vessels.

4. Prevent bone loss

Research claims that kelp contains calcium 5 x bigger than milk. With such a huge calcium deposits, then the seaweed may prevent bone loss, helps the growth of bones and teeth, maintaining healthy nails, hair, and increases the metabolism in the body.

5. increase the body's Resistance

The research States that seaweed can be a stimulant in the healing process of cancer through its ability to increase the durability of the body. The seaweed works by increasing the production of antibodies, cytokines, cell, and another that increases the immune system so that it helps heal infection and chronic diseases such as cancer.

6. Control your Weight

Seaweed is a fat-free food and fiber-rich food. As we know that besides waging a digestive, fiber can also make the belly full longer, so you can avoid the voracious eating patterns that can add weight. Consumed as snacks fit for those who are dieting.

7. Salt Substitutes

Researchers in the United Kingdom test seaweed grain as a flavor enhancer can replace the salt in snack foods and other processed food products. Reducing salt consumption can lower the risk of high blood pressure, a heart attack to stroke.

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