Seven Precepts When Coughing You Must Avoid

Seven Precepts When Coughing You Must Avoid

When you are attacked by cough, there are many restrictions that must be avoided. To minimize the severity, there are many factors that you must know, for example by avoiding oily foods and ensuring adequate rest. Then, what else should be avoided when the body is attacked by coughing? Come see the explanation of taboos when coughing below.

Some restrictions when coughing

1. Cold drinks and food

According to Pradip Shah, doctors at Fortis Mulund Hospital in India generally coughs and colds triggered by cold foods such as ice cream and other cold drinks. Although there is no scientific evidence when how cold food triggers and exacerbates cough conditions, patients are usually advised to avoid cold intake until their cough is declared cured.

One plausible explanation of these restrictions during coughing is that cold food drinks will cause drying in the respiratory lining so that it is prone to infections that trigger coughing due to irritation and inflammation in parts of the body.

2. Eat a lot at night

Don't overeat at night before you go to bed when you are coughing again. This can be a trigger for coughing for people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), aka gastric acid disease.

People who have GERD may have a system in the body that is not very good between the contraction and relaxation of the sphincter muscle. The two issues that are connected to the muscle function prevent food reflux from going up into the esophagus. As a result, stomach acid can flow back into the food pipe, causing irritation of the lining to trigger coughing. So, it's better to eat dinner at the beginning and sleep 2 hours after you eat.

3. Sleep on your back

The position of the body when sleeping is an important factor in abstinence when coughing must be obeyed if you really want to cough quickly recover. By sleeping on your back, it will trigger coughing at night, especially if you have a productive cough. All mucus and phlegm that will be collected throughout the day, flow upward towards the throat when you sleep extensively. Conversely, sleeping on his side will keep the phlegm settled and avoid coughing at night.

4. Eat fried foods

Eating fried and oily foods is one of the triggers of coughing to get worse. When frying in hot oil, food will produce a compound called acrolein, which acts as an allergen and worsens coughing and causes throat itching. So as long as your cough has not recovered properly, it's best to avoid oily and fried foods, so the cough doesn't get worse.

5. Smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of cough which will lead to bronchitis. Not only that, smoking will irritate the lining of the throat, and also delay the recovery can even increase the risk of cancer. Likewise, with passive smokers, avoid cigarette smoke if you do not want to cough you become more and more.

6. Caffeinated drinks

This one cough prohibition must avoid caffeinated drinks. Why should it be avoided? Caffeine must be avoided by people who cough because of acidity that can worsen the itching in the throat. Drinks that contain caffeine will cause the esophageal sphincter to lose and result in you coughing due to the acidity of the caffeine that rises into the throat

7. Hard work and overtime

Over time, fatigue, and excessive activity should be avoided as a taboo when coughing. When you cough, you will really need rest. The condition of the body being whipped by a cough, actually implies that something is wrong with your body. This cough is the culmination of a weakened immune system and a good and sufficient rest is needed by the body.

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