Target therapy for liver cancer

Target therapy for liver cancer

Treatment of disease of liver cancer can now be done with target therapy drug sorafenib. This therapy directly on the body parts are esophageal cancer so that can minimize side effects and maintain the quality of life of the patient.

"The previous Sorefenib got a license for the kidney cancer drugs. The latest research shows, these drugs are also safe and effective to treat liver cancer patients, "said Prof. Jordi Bruix Association Professor Faculty of medicine University of Barcelona, in a news conference Sunday (24/6), at the Hotel Intercontinental, Shenzhen, China.

Primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) are generally experienced adults suffering from hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C. Unfortunately, most patients who are diagnosed with liver cancer symptoms are initially unknown to reach at an advanced stage.

So far, liver cancer is a disease with a high number of cases around the world. In Asia Pacific, it ranks the third highest number of cases of cancer and the number two cause of death due to cancer i.e. approximately 396,000 patients died each year.

At the early stage, liver cancer can be addressed by way of the Act of surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. In addition, liver cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, in advanced stages, the patient can not mejalani this therapy because the cancer cells had already spread.

"Cancer patients generally come on medical treatment after an advanced stage," said experts are swings and a new cancer therapy from the National Cancer Centre Singapore Pierce Chow. Symptoms of liver cancer include weight plummeted, quick satiety, abdominal pain, and it felt became more pain if the patient has hepatitis or chronic liver hardening.

Target therapy for it, needed to maintain the quality of life of sufferers with sorafenib. "After going through three-phase clinical trial, sorafenib proved to be potentially be therapy liver cancer that is effective and safe," said Research Director Global Oncology Therapy Clinic Bayer Health Care, Dimitris Voliotis.

In Asia Pacific, Bayer Schering Pharma strengthens the Central study Clinic Advanced against sorafenib in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea to ensure the safety of sorafenib as a therapy of liver cancer. This will support the application license this drug in the treatment of liver cancer, "said Voliotis.
Jakarta, healthy balanced food intake is recommended to eat a variety of colors. But what about the food that is black? Black food recognized as a super food because of the high content of antioxidants that protect the body from a number of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. 

Generally the more rich colors of the fruit or vegetable, the greater the dose of the substance bergizinya to fight cancer and other diseases. You still have to eat fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, bright purple, red pomegranate, Orange and papaya, but adding a black creature food nutritious vegetables may also help improve health in a way that is unexpected. 

Food-the food is black is good for health as reported by, Wednesday (14/9/2011), among others; 

1. Black beans black beans help prevent cancer because it is rich in phytochemicals, chemical compounds in plants are beneficial to health. Black beans are also considered more rich in antioxidants than any other bean varieties. 

In addition, food is also rich in fibers that have been discovered can lower the risk of colon cancer. A recent study at Harvard School for Public Health even found that eating more beans and a bit of rice can lower the risk of diabetes by as much as 35 percent. 

2. Blackberry contains polyphenols, antioxidants that help relieve inflammation. In addition to low-calorie, blackberry is the perfect dietary supplement. It reportedly can also improve brain health. 

Researchers from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, the old rat feeding supplement blackberry for eight weeks. The result is that old mice, the mice have a balance, coordination, and short term memory better than mice who did not eat the blackberry. 

3. Black Soy Edamame (green soybeans) may have been common. But soy isoflavones, saponins offers black, phytosterols, and other active ingredients that help fight cancer. The research also found that incorporate these healthy foods in the list of food is good for the heart. 

In one study of South Korea, researchers found that black soy extracts help improves blood circulation and lowers the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. 

4. Black Lentils are actually there is not much difference between the nutritional content of black lentils, green lentils, chocolate or nuts. But it may be able to offer some variation in food. Any colour, lentils offers plenty of fiber and research has found that food rich in fiber can help lower cholesterol. 

5. Black fungus mushroom varieties Most useful and contain substances to fight cancer. The shiitake mushroom is sometimes called black fungus can add to the variety of food. 

In one study of 362 women, the researchers concluded that eating mushrooms can lower the risk of breast cancer for women after menopause. Try a variety of mushrooms because they all have a different flavor and texture. 

6. Black tea a study from Boston University School of Medicine found that patients who drank black tea penyakitjantung has a healthier blood vessels healthier than patients with heart disease who did not drink tea. 

In addition, studies have also found that drinking black tea may help lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. The researchers think that the flavonoids in tea is able to protect and help prevent the formation of plaque or blockage in the arteries. 

7. Black Rice black Rice can help treat allergies and inflammation. In a research laboratory on mice, researchers found that injecting the black rice bran to the skin of mice turned out to be capable of lowering the level of inflammation. 

The researchers also found that rats who eat black rice bran more resistant to swelling due to skin allergies. The effect was not found in rice bran is red. 

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