The Danger Of Ignoring The Eye Health

The Danger Of Ignoring The Eye Health

Eye health is very necessary because it has guarded the vital functions as the sense of vision. Misbehaving on the eye will be very inconvenient and give discomfort. As with any book, the eye is the window to see the world. We can live the day-to-day activity and normal healthy eyes. We could feel the preciousness of the eye in our lives. Intentionally or unintentionally we could just ignore the condition of our eyes. Because of that disorder in the eyes will begin to arise. Disorders of the eye very diverse kind.

Myopia is one of the disorders of the eye that is not only attacking the people who are already mature. Teens or even children could be stricken with myopia. Myopia is a disorder that prevents us to see at great distances. This is because the damage is retraktif eyes. In addition to the disruption to see long distance there is also the opposite that is a nuisance to see at close range or called hypermetropia and often called also with nearsightedness. The danger in the eye the next presbiopi. Presiopi rarely occur in teenagers and is more common in people who are aged or elderly. This happens because the eye is no longer able to berakomodasi well. Sometimes this happens even though the person is already maintaining eye health.

Nyctalopia namely disorders of the eye that causes hard to see with the less lighting. Diabetes being one factor of sufferers experienced nyctalopia. Irritation or inflammation of the eye can also cause disruption on eye health is primarily called by konjungtivis. Konjungtivis attack the membrane that protects the eyes and these disorders know no age even babies cannot simply unavoidable from this in the care of his parents is less intensive.  The demise of some corneal tissue is already clearly be one of the factors in the incidence of disorders of the eye. The disorder is called corneal ulcer and can occur only because of kelilipan.

The dangers are no less frightening that is frequently called dakriosistitis SAC infections of the eye. These disorders result in eye pain, eyelid membengkaknya bottom, and redness of the eyes. In this case it will tear more often out by itself and with the amount of the excess. The cause of this disorder is bacteria. Some disorders of the eyes over there who can lead sufferers toward blindness. Blindness is a very agonizing eye disorder sufferers because sufferers were no longer able to see the beauty of the world. If you don't want these disorders such as above, as much as possible keep the eyes from the slightest danger. Do not sepelekan kelilipan because it can endanger the health of the eyes. The eye is a tool to see all the beauty that appears in this world.

IPS means of keeping eye health is naturally in order for Healthy Eyes Shining and bright
Assalammualaikum wr. wb I will share a Tip how to maintain health Eyes Naturally Healthy Eyes Shone So Bright And easy in practise of all ages
The eyes become one window for you, because with the eyes will really help you to see and observe the environment around you. However, as one of the important members of the body are sometimes quite a lot of people are ignoring about how to keep a proper eye health to stay healthy and you can use with a maximum.

The eye is one of the five senses are very important for human beings. However, we often forget or even overlook the importance of caring for matakita. as a result, some disorders arise because we lack the care of eye health. For example, the incidence of eye disorders minus, tired eyes, sore eyes and others.

 The Following Tips On How To Maintain The Health Of The Eye Naturally In Order For Healthy Eyes Shining And Bright:

1. The first thing you have to do, namely perbanyaklah vegetable and fruit consumption, i.e. one carrot. It is because of these carrots contain beta carotene which this substance is good for the health of your eyes. However, surely you will be bored if this vegetable should consume each day, so it's good if you still consume vegetables and other fruits as a variation of your daily vegetable consumption. 

2. How to care for the health of the eyes Secondly this is worth for you to watch carefully for you who love to use it, that is the lens of the eye. If you want to use the lens of the eye, it is recommended to use the lens of the eye is not more than 19 hours. It is because the lens of the eye is able to damage your eyes permanently and can also cause serious irritation. Not only the lens of the eye, so also with the glasses you use for a short time and let your eyes rest some time. 

3. Try to reduce the use of eye drops, you still can use eye drops if it is extremely necessary and do not always depend with these tools. If you feel uncomfortable with your eyes, it's good if you do it with pretty much any flicker or it could be with your closed his eyes for a few moments. It is better if compare you must use eye drops. 

4. If you want to make your eyes feels good, it's good if you use natural ingredients such as cucumbers. Why a cucumber can be used to make your eyes be comfortable? It is because on a cucumber there is cold you can use as a compress for your eyes. 

5. Next steps and no doubt you already know that is you try to read in case of weather which is bright enough and surely can make you comfortable in your eyes and see it. If you read in the living room with Dim lighting, of course it would be very influential because your eyes can experience tension due to the lack of light coming into the eye.

6. use a cucumber

Use the cucumbers for Your eyelids compresses an unused. Put the cold and sliced cucumber gently above the eyelids for 10 minutes before going to bed at night to prevent swelling.

7. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Carrot-laden will beta carotene which is helpful in maintaining eye health. That's because beta carotene is an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

8. Wear sunglasses at the right moment

Be sure to wear goggles or other protective eye wear when working around chemicals or places with particulate air is dangerous.

9. avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 12 hours

This can lead to permanent eye damage and discomfort in your eyes. Do not wear glasses too long anyway.

10. reduce the use of eye drops

Reduce the wearing of eye drops. Use eye drops to overcome red eye is okay, but only occasionally. If overdone, it even will damage the health of your eyes.

11. Wear UV protective sunglasses

Use polarized lenses, not just simply a dark lens. UV protective glasses needed to resist exposure from sunlight.

12. avoid sitting too long in front of the computer

For maintaining eye health, try not to spend too much time in front of a computer screen. It can make tired eyes.

13. don't read in dim light

For maintaining eye health, avoid reading in dim light can cause eye strain. If your eyes feel tired, stop for a while and rest.

14. do not immediately see the light too bright

Do not immediately see the light too bright. Don't focus on your eyes to the Sun, as this may damage your eyes.

15. Train your eye and make him to relax

Try focus the eyes on an object that is close to you, an object that is a bit far. Repeat this process a few times. Sit down, place your elbows on the hips, close your eyes and cover the eyes with the palms of your hands. Keep your hands covering your eyes for 10 seconds. Open your eyes and repeat as necessary.

16. Enough rest

Just as the body, the eyes also need enough rest. Restraint for not watching television for too long, or many hours in front of the computer but are not currently working. That way, your eyes do not fatigue and getting enough rest.  

Exercise and satisfy consumption multivitamin such as vitamins C, E, B6 and B12.

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