the importance of healthy living patterns for adolescents

The importance of healthy living patterns for adolescents

Currently, there are still many students who are less concerned about the importance of maintaining a pattern of healthy living for him. In the midst of fierce existing tasks and activities, many teenagers often have forgotten his physical health. For example, often sleep late, eat-instant or fast-food meals, skipping breakfast, irregular sports, and also less consuming foods that are healthy and balanced. This makes students now become less energized, not fresh faces, descending weight, easily exposed to the flu, lack of focus in learning, and can also lead to decreased brain ability. The teens specifically students must have an awareness of the importance of maintaining health.

Most of the teens or college students underestimate the sense of the importance of health for yourself. There are still many among those who assumed that the disease will come when their age is already ahead of the old. That kind of thinking that was a big mistake because the disease is not going to look at who that person is and how no matter his age. For that teenagers still need to learn a lot of the meaning of the importance of health for a better future life. Various bad habits of teenagers or students that are still frequently performed some of them namely smoking and drinking liquor. That kind of thing seems is already considered to be already familiar to them.

We must assume that healthy is expensive. How much it cost to remove it when we fall sick. Then there is a saying that goes, it is better to prevent than cure. Not only about the cost, but how many positive things that we can miss out on if we were to fall ill. Especially for the students who are always active and productive in activities and accompanying lecture. Whatever our on-campus activities, we still should be able to balance our life pattern. Do not let the disease attacking our future at a later date.

There are many easy things we can do to keep our body's health to keep fit. Does not require a lot of costs, but simply requires persistence and routines. Because health is the most expensive asset in life. Here are a few healthy lifestyles for adolescents in particular students.

1. Food

Multiply eat-healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats fresh fish, nuts. Avoid fast-food because the food is not good for the health of the body. Subtract eating a snack. Preferred foods 4 healthy and 5 perfect. Do not skip breakfast. Eating regularly (morning, noon, and night). Cut down on fatty foods like fried foods because it can cause kolestrol high. Stop eating when it already feels satisfyingly: don't overeat just because there are still leftovers on your plate. If it feels satisfyingly better stop eating because of overeating is also not good. In addition it can create excess body weight

2. Drinks

Avoid drinks that contain lots of sugar, artificial flavorings, and artificial dyes. These substances are very harmful to the health of the body and could be buried in the kidney. Avoid drinks containing alcohol because it can damage the heart and brain function. Expand the Drinking Water, Keep our body from dehydration by drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses per day. White water is useful for disposing of toxic substances in the body and help launch a body metabolism. Don't let your body healthy fluid deficiency.

3. Sports

Students can be actively engaging in activities on campus but don't forget diligently exercising regularly. So that the body remains stable and Rober. The brain and the face also becomes fresh. It doesn't hurt us to take ourselves to exercising. It is also to prevent the teens from various dangerous diseases which can strike his body. Overweight or obesity can trigger the body susceptible to many diseases. Do exercise at least 3 times a week.

4. Rest Enough

Bole activity a lot, but don't forget to rest. Adequate rest is very important for the body that is experiencing growth and development. We can back up a fresh body to continue a productive activity. Sleep can also enhance the ability of the brain. Sleep a minimum of 10 or 8 hours per day in a timely manner starting from 9 pm until 6 am.

5. Create a healthy environment

If we want to enjoy the real health then we should also pay attention to our environment that we have to take care of. The environment we need to keep are, water, soil, air, climate, plants and more. When we live in surroundings that are not as good as the people who hang out with smokers, junk-filled environment, many hit by car fumes and others. With the environment is not good, will also be able to trigger our health.

6. Apply clean living Patterns

How to live healthy and clean should be done in the environment around us. Don't be lazy to clean-up the House because the rooms are dirty and dusty it can cause many diseases. Therefore, rajinlah clean room and don't forget to use a mask while cleaning.

7. Avoid Stress the mind

Most people are very hard to avoid this. Stress the thought did indeed often attacking everyone. This certainly can affect your health both in mind (mental) as well as physically. If we're having a problem, you should not think about too seriously. Better to think of it in a relaxed and don't make it as a burden in us.

8. Stop doing the bad habits that endanger Health

Consider quitting smoking or consuming of liquor, especially if we risk or severe diabetes, depression, arthritis, or heart pain.

ARI exposure or explanation above about Tips on healthy lifestyles for adolescents in particular the Students hope it can be useful for maintaining healthy selves to the body. There is no harm in trying something useful. This can be very useful for all of us in the future.

The Following Are The Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle:

Body fitness that will stay awake

Healthy living will effect into the functions of our body. Where body fitness we will keep tejaga properly. Body fitness will affect our performance in everyday akitivitas.

Appear More Attractive

Individuals with a healthy lifestyle, will look more attractive, and inviting first impression anyway. We would be seen as an interesting person, fresh, and clean. Berebeda if you have a lifestyle that is dirty and unhealthy. In addition, a healthy lifestyle also makes the body look more fit and fresh, that later can also influence the first impression others against us.

Save the cost of drugs

When we are able to live clean and healthy, then indirectly the body we will be fresh. Body fitness is good it will make us do not need frequent-often cost more to buy drugs. Berebeda when we live unhealthy. Imagine how much it costs that must be incurred to redeem the medicines and vitamins and supplements to support our body fitness. Someone who will live a healthy life saving their expenses in buying medicines and supplements.

Increase Your Confidence

With a healthy body, then make the body become more berstamina and excited in the running activity. A healthy body will aura emanated from his face, as it will automatically add the confidence good time must be amongst the families or when dealing with friends, or with those surroundings around.

Life Becomes More Healthy

By applying the pattern of healthy living, then it is automatically a lot of positive impact that will be felt on the body, because of the healthy food and drink as well as avoiding the various negative habits, such as smoking, stayed up late, and so on will increase level of health.

The pattern of healthy living is a requirement that cannot be abandoned by all the people. As well as the pattern of healthy living is indeed a trend in modern times. This is due to a growing incidence of many new disease at the time of the instantaneous now. According to Kotler, a pattern of healthy living that is an overview of the activity/activities supported by the interests, desires and how to live it in the mind interacts with the environment. Surely it is against good things. the pattern of healthy living articles by ali zainudin arsyad

Health according to law is the State of prosperous good body, soul, and social that allows each individual to live productively with social and economical. In General, everyone has had their respective diseases even though the person is not yet know. As for the purpose of this research raised the issue of healthy living patterns, namely to investigate and find out what it is, why healthy health require particular attention, and how to be a healthy person both physical and spiritual. Researchers also want to know about the benefits of healthy living patterns for humans. As for the benefit of researchers want to accomplish that is to provide information to all readers, especially for the younger generation about the pattern of healthy living.



A healthy lifestyle is a simple option that is apt to run. Living with eating patterns, thoughts, habits and a healthy environment. Healthy in a fundamental sense of the Word are all things we're working on giving good results to the body. According to Kotler, a pattern of healthy living that is an overview of the activity/activities supported by the interests, desires and how to live it in the mind interacts with the environment. Surely it is against good things. From the above notions can be defined that a healthy lifestyle is a choice that is very appropriate for our survival, whereas the pattern of healthy living is the way that must be taken to obtain a healthy physical physically and spiritually. So a healthy lifestyle is a process to achieve healthy living patterns

measures in order to live a healthy life

The thing that someone should be implemented in order to achieve healthy living physical pattern was noticed to be physically part of your body that contribute to disease problems contributed. Things that contribute to the body can be identified as follows:

Implement a healthy diet

the pattern of healthy living articles by ali zainudin arsyadSebagaimana we know, a lot of people it's hard set even tend to not pay attention to diet but to start a pattern of healthy living, you are expected to avoid foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates and fats. As well as a preservative believed to be long term if consumed can cause cancer. Instead, start getting used to eating a variety of vegetables and fruits to get fiber is good for the body. By adopting a healthy diet, the body we will have strong body durability so it can avoid attacks from a variety of ailments. The first thing that influences healthy life pattern is a pattern of eating. It is important for everyone to pay attention to diets leads to healthy living patterns.

Water sesui Servings

the pattern of healthy living articles by ali zainudin arsyad Drinking enough water will provide assistance to the body replaces the lost water and cleansing the body of toxins that are memtikan. Drinking a lot of bottled mineral water is highly recommended. Drink plain water to taste, less lebiah between six to eight glasses of water per day. Drinking more water after we do a physical activity such as exercise weight/fisik.

avoid using hazardous substances

obatobatan or other harmful if consumed, these materials provide the effects of addiction. the pattern of healthy living articles by ali zainudin arsyad

Now this is an awful lot we encounter people who become addicted to the stuff-barangberbahaya such as the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drug type, type If we have become an addict of those dangerous goods will give a negative impact for the health of our body either physical or psychic, as stricken with dangerous diseases, stress, and other conditions.

Isterahat Pretty Patterns

Adequate rest will be very supportive of one's health. Energy recovery is the process of rest after activities. Breaks can safeguard and enhance the resilience of the person's body. This will help so that the body is not prone to attacks of various diseases due to lack of sleep time.
the pattern of healthy living articles by ali zainudin arsyad

In addition, with the rest going to help give you a boost of energy to the body so that we can perform the activity properly. Normally human beings need time to rest +/-8 hours per day.

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