The importance of maintaining health for Teens of healthy living.

The importance of maintaining health for Teens of healthy living

Squad, that you always healthy of course you have to maintain a healthy life patterns. Moreover, as a teenager, really important for you to always pay attention to health so that you avoid later as adults from a variety of ailments. For that, you need to know the importance of maintaining health in teens as well as growth and development experienced by teens of healthy living, Yuk! so that you know the best way to deal with it. Yuk, listened!

The Pattern Of Healthy Living

The pattern of healthy living is a lifestyle that can influence health, such as diet, rest, hygiene, and exercise. The first thing that will effect on healthy life pattern is a pattern of eating. Well, it is important for you to apply nih balls packed with nutritional guidelines appropriate balance. Yuk, balanced nutrition guidelines remember back from the picture below.

teen health healthy living, Yuk! Balanced nutrition guidelines (source: features healthy living, Yuk! in ruangbelajar)

In addition, you should also rest with enough. Teenagers need to sleep 6-8 hours a day so that it can grow optimally and regenerate damaged cells. Then, do a sport 150 minutes a week.

Diet Teen

As a teenager, serving and eating patterns must be preserved, namely by applying Balanced Nutritional Guidelines. Don't get because of the nutritional intake you less, growth and development be obstructed, even influential to the future. For that, see the balanced nutritional guidelines yuk for adolescent eating patterns here. Range of age on Adolescent growth and development

On the topic of anemia before, you already know ' right that teenagers it was a time of transition from children toward adulthood. Well, this happens in adolescence some changes in teenagers, such as puberty, cognitive maturation and ripening psychosocial.

Puberty: the physical and hormonal changes in teenagers, such as the growth in height and weight, enlarged and jakun sound memberat in males, the increase in women's breasts, or menstruation. Cognitive ability: the ability of individuals to connect, judging, and consider an event or events. Essentially, it relates to a person's intelligence. The maturation of psychosocial: the term used to describe the relationship between the mental or emotional health conditions a person with social conditions.

Normal human beings will experience a phase of growth spurt twice in his life. First, as a baby and second, during their early teens. The growth spurt in teens coincided with the beginning of puberty and converted to happen for 3-3.5 years. Well, the first experience it was teenage daughter at age 10.5 years -14, while teenage son at the age of 12-16.5 years. However, the growth spurt everyone varies, Squad. That's what led to you and your friends have a different height.

Characteristics of the growth spurt:

The Agency's increased height in a relatively quick
Body wax
Hip in young women dilate
Increased body odor
Changing the sound
Increase in appetite
Peak Height Velocity (PHV) Peak Weight and Velocity (PWV) in RemajaPHV (Peak Height Velocity) is the fastest period of growth in height a teenager during the growth spurt. EITs but keep in mind ya that growth height when teens are not as big as when growth spurt 0-1 years of age. The peak speed of weight gain or Weight Peak Velocity (PWV) is the biggest change in phase of teenage body mass. So, after a teenage daughter and son to reach the Summit of a high speed body, they will enter into a phase of the peak speed of the weight gain.

Puberty primary and secondary

Puberty is the time when a teenager was able to reproduce that is marked with a series of changes, namely primary and secondary. Puberty is marked by secondary physical changes that are visible from the outside. While the primary changes marked with hormonal changes and the function of the reproductive organs. What the hell is primary and secondary changes experienced by adolescent sons and daughters? Let's see.

Primary and secondary changes in teenage son Developmental Physiology Adolescents

The development of physiology is the maturation of the functions of the organs of the body. Well, young women and the son has a different physiology development. Young women tend to have more fat than muscle, while teenage sons tend to have more muscle than fat. This difference is caused by sexual hormones which is owned by the teenage son and daughter. Young women have estrogen hormone that dominates and teenage son have the hormone testosterone.

Health is the main capital must be owned by everyone in daily support activities, be it as office workers, self-employed or activities in his household. When the condition of our body's endurance were declining then so the disease will also readily attack our body that cause us to get sick. The person who is developing his daily activities will cause impaired thereby will effect also with his household income level. So the importance of the meaning of health so we are required to always keep our body's health to avoid various diseases either mild or severe. Through this article I will be sharing some tips for maintaining healthy body we can do for the creation of our physical and spiritual health:

Multiply do gestures that are active in order for the muscles and the nerves we can burn fat from the foods that we consume. Thus the blood circulation in the body we will be smooth and muscles we don't become stiff. This activity we can do with merutinkan jogging or a relaxing stroll every morning before starting a daily routine activities. This jogging activity we can do for 15-30 minutes e.g., days after the prayers.

Maintain a healthy diet and reduce consume fatty foods can lead to Arteriosclerosis (blockage of blood vessels due to fat deposits that are not streamed). His diet is very influential on health of our body. Most of the source of the disease is derived from food and irregular eating patterns. By him that the selection of the right food menu and set a good diet is becoming a very important factor in maintaining the health of our body.

Positive Thinking. With attune positive thinking so indirectly we also have created a pattern of healthy living for our bodies. The mind is very influential on health body because the working patterns of our thoughts will influence the work patterns of the nerves in the body. Someone who lives under the pressure of the mind so as to make it a stress then the nerves in her body will be narrowed and the working process will affect the vital organs in our body. Positive thinking is also evident in improving immunity and health of our body. By him that let's keep positive thinking always in every circumstance of our late everyday.

Creating a clean and healthy Life Patterns in the family environment. The pattern of life clean and healthy is the right step to create health care for our bodies because the patterns by applying itself we have created an environment that is clean and away from the source of the disease and make us more controlled in maintaining the cleanliness of our own body. 

From some of the tips above, we can conclude that in order to preserve the health of our body required an effort of awareness from within myself through customs implement healthy life pattern as described above so that we can route the preventive action will be the coming of the dangers of the disease will attack our body. Hopefully this useful health articles for all of us.

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