Maintaining the health of the body in order to always stay healthy, fit and fit is crucial for us to do. Health a major factor for us to support the activities of activities on each day. For if the body is sick will of course disturb or hinder the activities which we will do, because healthy is expensive. So it is better to prevent than to treat. Of course we wanted our bodies constantly healthy right? Then how the hell a way to maintain the health of the body? Actually a lot of ways that we can do with simple to maintain the health of the body, as for the way as follows:

Exercise on a regular basis. We try to do sports regularly although only briefly. Select the appropriate light sport kesukaanmu. for example by doing light movements in the morning or morning running, gymnastics, and so on, with a work useful to launch a blood circulation and mengendorkan muscles rigid.

Consume a meal-the food is healthy and nutritious. By consuming foods that are nutritious, containing many vitamins, proteins such as vegetables and fruit to fullfill the needs of nutrition for the body to stay healthy.

Perbanyaklah drinking water. Try to expand drinking water every day, start from after wake-up before starting work.  White water is also beneficial to keep the body to stay healthy and fit.

Enough rest. After such a large number of activities activities performed every day, don't forget to rest, the body also needs a break from a wide range of activities or work. In order to keep healthy and fit body then need enough rest.

Well, from the above reviews some examples of course there are many more important ways to maintain the health of the body rich its benefits. Start from small things to preserve the health of our bodies, to avoid various diseases.

Jogging is a sport that is very popular with many people in the world, besides being able to make a stronger leg muscles, jogging can also burn the fat in the body, jogging is also very helping someone through the process of pendietan the body, society very fond of jogging jogging exercise because it's very easy to do, jogging can also be done anywhere and anytime someone wants to do it, with regular jogging exercise a person can make their body lighter, fresher, and more vibrant again through a variety of other activities.

For someone who wants to reduce her weight they can do jogging exercise using a jacket made of plastic because this way can quickly burn fat-fat in a person's body, except with sports jog someone who wants to lose weight should consume nutritious food to eat and eating food that does not contain lots of fat.

Sport jogging can be done by anyone who wants to do so good for older children, teenagers, adults, elderly people to ever do a jogging exercise. As we know jogging is a sport that is very easy compared to other sports, 5 teenagers are very gemarin exercise jogging, because according to them jogging is fun, the teens also many fill empty time with sports jog.

Jogging also does not require a particular place because jogging can be done anywhere, it could in a way round the perumah complex where they live, it could be by way of running a run into the street, can also be done in field open, and place desireable.

Sport jogging can also make someone more quiet again and could help someone in resolving minor problems faced. After doing sports jogging should someone do not consume cold drinks because it could eliminate the benefits of jogging, sport's good after doing sports jog someone consume drinks that are mediocre or warm water so that one's body sweat out even more, besides the body so the lighter again.

Jogging is very useful because it can make the body become healthier and fresher longer, otherwise it could help the process of pendietan on someone that has a weight that is not ideal, the teen using her spare time to do sports jog jogging workout, in addition to the teens also complement this jogging with sports sports other sports, such as playing futsal, play badminton, play basketball, play voly, and many other sports can be done somebody do after workout jog, teenagers really enjoy jogging and sports game game they share with your friends, in addition to helping the body become healthier jogging exercise also helps someone even closer by friends of jogingnya.

Sports is one way that we have a healthy and strong body, exercise can also make our bodies more immune from the disease, but do you know how a good workout?, a good sport inimal well done 30 minutes a day in order to be beneficial to health and our bodies so that staying in shape, for more details about sports can be see here: Wikipedia, what are some of the good we do when we work out?.

Good Tips At Sports

Here are tips tips ala that you can apply when exercising:

The first set was a good time when you're exercising because of weather and air venues very influential loh for your sport, a good workout should be performed in the open air and free of dust and pollution, exercise time well done a minimum of 30 minutes each evening, because according to a study in the Farmingham USA, United Kingdom, Belgium, National University of Singapore, and in Japan that the frequency of heart attacks is common between 06:00-12:00 in the afternoon. Factors being the cause is cicadian hormone adrenaline which many circulate in the body begins in the morning at 04:00-09:00. And also the activity of fibronic i.e. the substances from the body's own blood thinners on the morning of his activity will be decreased so that our blood will be relatively more viscous in the morning.
The second is to engage in preparation before exercise, select sports activities that you think of comfort, whether it's bike, yoga, or running. do the olaghraga berfariasi that you not bosa, and always motivated to exercise. Preferably before exercising first investigate to determine what sport is suitable for your body, especially if you have a complaint such as frequent shortness of breath, pain, or dizziness. To the guy above the wanta or 30 years should use shoes and comfortable sportswear. Do not eat after exercise Yes, wait for approximately 2 hours before you exercise. Exercise can be done anywhere as long as the place is convenient, pollution-free, and doesn't cause any injury to the time of berolahrga, for example at home, field and work. Frequency of exercise should be done 3-5 times a week with regular. 

Third, consider what you are doing when you are exercising, start with a light oahraga sport such as gymnastics low-impact aerobics several times a week. Sports such as Tennis are a high-impact should be done gradually, if you trouble for exercising at home try buying your video sports that you can do at home. the intensity of the exercise, to raise immune try in order to achieve the maximum pulse rate 70-85% (DNM). DNM maximum pulse rate is calculated based on: DNM = 220-age to burn fat that has a light intensity level that is 60-70% DNM. Example: someone who has aged 40 years old means having 220-40 = 180 DNM, so to burn fat should reach 60% pulse rate X 180 = 108 s/d 70% X 180 = 126. Do the sport gradually so that add staying power (endurance) over/2-hours. To burn the fat that is in the body of akukanlah during 1 h more.

Fourth, consider after you exercise do not directly packed with full time after berolahrag, eat soft foods and liquids in order to be easily digested by the body, it is a great meal before a wait up to one hour, nutrition It is also quite important, because we are moving a lot, maybe we need more calories so that we don't lose the weight of our body, drink water to taste so mengemballikan the lost body fluids while exercising, don't jump bath Yes if the Agency many still remember sweating, tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate can thus eliminate fluids, dressing that was used when the sport if too wet.

And the last one, do you do sport while you're in pain or fever, if you there are varicose veins on the leg or knee joint pain should do not exercise associated with the road, and if you have a disease such as: pressure uncontrolled high blood, sweet lines, uncontrolled or heart valve abnormalities, we will experience dehydration if not drinking enough fluid to replenish the body, could even result in loss of time body, worse could lead to wasting, what is it wasting can check here Wikipedia, we can hurt ourselves if doing the wrong sport, sports jadwalkanlah your 20menit a day for 3 times a week, this scheduling can memperbiki our bodies are pretty meaningful increase our physical and spiritual health.

That's the last how to exercise good ala's easy to hope is useful and beneficial to all of you, if you want a healthy body must begin today don't delay delayed Yes and don't forget to also read the tips for maintaining healthy ala bilikkesehatan: 10 tips for maintaining healthy Body so that your body can more optimally anymore, so maybe the article from me we met again in my next post.


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