The pattern of healthy living is a lifestyle by observing certain factors that affect the health, food and sports, among others. The pattern of life or the way of life that is healthy is to maintain balance and harmony of life in all aspects of life. Other than by eating healthy food and regular exercise, this life pattern must also be supported by being and positive thinking in everyday life. 

The pattern of healthy living is an important thing that is supposed to be implemented by each individual, but because of the times that makes each individual competed for survival or working hard, so make a man less pay attention to this. Along with the evolving industrial technology and rapid making humans increasingly easy to get something instantly, not only the electronic tool is now sophisticated and fast-paced, but any food can now be served quickly. Indeed, if the review than the flurry of humans who take more efficient to do all of its activities, it is very helpful. But the man now most don't pay attention to your own health so that they do not pay attention to baik-buruknya food they consume daily. 

Worse, nowadays not only the adults who experienced a pattern of unhealthy living, even teenagers experience a pattern of unhealthy living. Health no longer being important for teenagers who make electronic goods such as iphone, ipad, mobile, laptop, and others, as needs anyway. Most of the time they becoming taken for electronic goods alone, so make them forget to eat, gets worse if they ingatpun they prefer fast food. that may be tasty but unhealthy.
We need healthy food is food that meets nutritional standards. In addition to food, exercise also determine the level of our health because people are fond of exercising power will have a better body, so it is rarely exposed to the attacks of the disease. Some of the benefits of exercise that is able to mempelancar the flow of blood to the brain which increases intellect, metabolism and regeneration of cells of our body will occur more quickly that we so youthful. In addition, regular exercise with proper way will maintain the posture we stay slim and to avoid a pile of fat source of the disease.

Then, being and positive thinking in your life today will encourage your body to do things that are positive. Positive thinking can be soothing to the heart so that you can make an objective decision, included in the choose the type of food and beverages will be consumed.  

There is also a healthy life is said to live without ganguan the issue of physical and non physical. The physical form of disorder diseases that attack the body and physical person. While the physical health condition concerns the non soul, heart and mind of a person. This means that health include physical and spiritual elements.

Many people who physically have a healthy body and good spiritual condition, but they were very apprehensive. Successful people have a rich and healthy physical, not necessarily their spiritual condition.

Healthy living behaviours include rules and patterns of someone to run this life by means of proportional and controlled. These same patterns that will make people be healthy. For healthy need rules, if life without rules there will then be a haphazard life. It's not just physical health would be compromised, but more dangerous again when it comes to mental health.

Health is extremely important to achieve the happiness of life. The main requirement of a person can enjoy happiness in life is the moment they have the physical and spiritual health. Understanding healthy living is becoming the way to happiness for one's life.

One of the recipe of happiness turns out is when we can live in a healthy condition. Healthy living patterns regarding the rules to achieve physical and spiritual health, because understanding the perfect healthy living includes aspects of both.

B. Healthy Living Patterns

1. Physically healthy life Patterns

Patterns include ways, rules and things that someone should be implemented in order to achieve a goal. To be able to live a healthy life physically, the first thing to note is tracing the physical parts of the body that contribute to disease problems contributed. Did the stomach from the mouth, and the mouth will it is up on diet and eating habits. The pattern of physical health to grab the first one is to set up a pattern then. Set the kontrollah and food-food that goes into your mouth. Do not carelessly and don't overdo it.

Not too much to consume a meal. Any food that is consumed, though was the food is healthy and nutritious, if eaten in excessive quantities will undoubtedly give rise to the impact and influence of the bad for the body.

2. Healthy living Patterns Toward Spiritual Bliss

A healthy, spiritual souls healthy, healthy hearts, healthy spirit, all four have the same depth of meaning. Spiritual health concerns the condition of the mind, heart and inner peace. There are simple things that may rarely known. Take care and be careful with the halal food. Because ketakhalalan can take you on a spiritual diseases as well as physical.

The halal origins include the food and physical content of the food eaten. Healthy recipes the next spiritual is to practice gratitude. Thanksgiving will usher in the gate of happiness. The attitude felt enough with everything favors the God-given spiritual will encourage being healthy. 
Many people are stressed out thinking of the position and a treasure not only become his because he does not have a habit of being grateful. Then be the expert on gratitude. Therefore, there should be a careful planning and balanced with attention to positive angles of your potential and reality.

Patterns of behavior (behavioral patterns) will always be different in the situation and the different social environments, and ever changing, nothing is settled (fixed). Individual lifestyle, characterized by behavior patterns of individuals, will give impact on the health of individuals and on the health of others. In health, the person's lifestyle can be changed by means of empowering individuals in order to change her lifestyle, but changing it is not on the individual, but also commands the changing social environment and living conditions that affect the pattern proved it.

2. Changes in lifestyle

Walking along economic growth, social and culture technology that negative symptoms have been many felt this moment now, such as less physical motion, behavior of smoking, drugs, booze, more nutrition, less vegetables, lack of rest and others.

a. smoking habit.

In accordance with the National socio-economic survey (SUSENAS) 2004, smoking started in adolescents aged 10 years, and at the age of 15 to 19 years of age to occupy 60% as the numbers on the smoker, 91% of smokers have the customs of smoking at home. At present there are 43 million kuarangnya at the House of the mother and children who are exposed to cigarette smoke as a passive peroko which can be a factor in the risk of disease is not contagious (PTM) other.

b. Less Physical Motion

Less physical activity behaviour of motion in nasiaonal for the population aged 15 years and above only 9% of those who do exercise for health. 43% of disease according to WHO, there are kaitanya with unsurkuranggerak.

c. the unbalanced Diet

Unbalanced diet of many experienced by our society and worst of the existence of data less fiber, less vegetables and fruits reach 99%. The problem of overweight or obese already experienced by children who reached 11%.

D. Healthy Living Measures

1. Food consumption
The consumption of foods that meet the health standards is to be able to meet the needs of the body, for that you need to know about the food that is needed by the body. Generally, many who have not been paying attention to this issue. Even a lot of the food is actually very harmful to health in great demand, such as foods containing preservatives, junkfood, fast food/instant foods.

There are some healthy food tips:

a. high fatty foods are highly risky for health, especially of butter, coconut milk and margarine from animal fats. More good you got it from nuts or seeds. Offal, brain, skin the chicken and egg yolks should be avoided. We recommend that you, as a protein source, you choose low-fat milk, yogurt, soy milk, fish and egg whites. But if you love meat choose meat without fat.

b. food containing preservatives should be avoided. Foods containing preservatives in the longer term can trigger cancer. 

c. Use plain water as a drink. Kondisikan yourself "you haven't been drinking if you don't drink the water". White water 8-10 drinking Biasakanlah glasses per day. This habit will help maintain a smooth functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract. Strive to drink warm water at night and cool water (no ice water) during the day.

d. If you love colorful food, use of foodstuffs; the red color from strawberries, the color green from pandan leaves, yellow color of Saffron, brown color of the cocoa powder. Don't overdo the sauce, soy sauce, add salt and flavor enhancer. 

e. fruit and vegetable-syuran should always exist on each menu of your food. 


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