The Pattern Of Healthy Living

The Pattern Of Healthy Living

A. Background

The pattern of healthy living is an important thing that is supposed to be implemented by each individual, but because of the times that makes each individual competed for survival or working hard, so make a man less pay attention to this. Along with the evolving industrial technology and rapid making humans increasingly easy to get something instantly, not only the electronic tool is now sophisticated and fast-paced, but any food can now be served quickly. Indeed, if the review than the flurry of humans who take more efficient to do all of its activities, it is very helpful. But the man now most don't pay attention to your own health so that they do not pay attention to baik-buruknya food they consume daily.

Worse, nowadays not only the adults who experienced a pattern of unhealthy living, even teenagers experience a pattern of unhealthy living. Health no longer being important for teenagers who make electronic goods such as iphone, ipad, mobile, laptop, and others, as needs anyway. Most of the time they becoming taken for electronic goods alone, so make them forget to eat, gets worse if they ingatpun they prefer fast food. that may be tasty but unhealthy.

 Therefore our group raised this issue. Because according to our healthy living patterns of teenagers nowadays are very poor in the midst of rampant globalization era. Where teens seemed to be controlled by the mode regardless of age.

B. Discussion

1. Understanding the pattern of healthy living
The pattern of healthy living is a lifestyle by observing certain factors that affect the health, food and sports, among others. The pattern of life or the way of life that is healthy is to maintain balance and harmony of life in all aspects of life. Other than by eating healthy food and regular exercise, this life pattern must also be supported by being and positive thinking in everyday life.

We need healthy food is food that meets nutritional standards. In addition to food, exercise also determine the level of our health because people are fond of exercising power will have a better body, so it is rarely exposed to the attacks of the disease. Some of the benefits of exercise that is able to mempelancar the flow of blood to the brain which increases intellect, metabolism and regeneration of cells of our body will occur more quickly that we so youthful. In addition, regular exercise with proper way will maintain the posture we stay slim and to avoid a pile of fat source of the disease. Then, being and positive thinking in your life today will encourage your body to do things that are positive. Positive thinking can be soothing to the heart so that you can make an objective decision, included in the choose the type of food and beverages will be consumed.

As for the notion of living a healthy life can be defined as life without ganguan the issue of physical and non physical. The physical form of disorder diseases that attack the body and physical person. While the physical health condition concerns the non soul, heart and mind of a person. This means that health include physical and spiritual elements.

Many people who physically have a healthy body and good spiritual condition, but they were very apprehensive. Successful people have a rich and healthy physical, not necessarily their spiritual condition.

How to keep Your physical and spiritual conditions are always healthy? Understanding healthy living includes rules and patterns of someone to run this life by means of proportional and controlled. These same patterns that will make people be healthy. For healthy need rules, if life without rules there will then be a haphazard life. It's not just physical health would be compromised, but more dangerous again when it comes to mental health.

Health is extremely important to achieve the happiness of life. The main requirement of a person can enjoy happiness in life is the moment they have the physical and spiritual health. Understanding healthy living is becoming the way to happiness for one's life.

Just imagine, if you have a myriad of wealth and surrounded by loved ones around you, but you are in a State of stress or lying in the hospital, whether you will be happy. So start getting healthy living. Because one of the recipe of happiness turns out is when we can live in a healthy condition. Healthy living patterns regarding the rules to achieve physical and spiritual health, because understanding the perfect healthy living includes aspects of both. The following patterns of healthy living either in physical or spiritual aspects.

a. Physically healthy life Patterns

Patterns include ways, rules and things that someone should be implemented in order to achieve a goal. To be able to live a healthy life physically, the first thing you should notice is tracing the physically part of your body that contribute to disease problems contributed. Did the stomach from the mouth, and the mouth will it is up on Your Diet and eating habits. The pattern of physical health to grab the first one is to set up your diet. Set the kontrollah and food-food that goes into your mouth. Do not carelessly and don't overdo it. Indiscriminate means you have to be selective with food-dangerous food additives.

Not too much to consume a meal. Any food you consume, even though it had been healthy and nutritious food is, if you eat excessive amounts will undoubtedly give rise to the impact and influence of the bad for the body.

b. healthy living Patterns Toward Spiritual Bliss

A healthy, spiritual souls healthy, healthy hearts, healthy spirit, all four have the same depth of meaning. Spiritual health concerns the condition of the mind, heart and inner peace. There are simple things that may rarely known. Have you had a habit to check the halal food that goes into your stomach? Take care and be careful with the halal food. Because ketakhalalan can take you on a spiritual diseases as well as physical.

The halal origins include the food and physical content of the food you eat. Healthy recipes the next spiritual is to practice gratitude. Thanksgiving will take you to the gate of happiness. Attitude feel quite delicious with everything which the Lord will encourage your spiritual being healthy. Many people are stressed out thinking of the position and a treasure not only become his because he does not have a habit of being grateful. Then be the expert on gratitude. Therefore, there should be a careful planning and balanced with attention to positive angles of your potential and reality.

sound mind
Attitudes, feelings, and thoughts affect one's health. Wellness oriented mind is a look at the world positively. Therefore, for living well with Lupus, focus yourself on ability, not on Your deficiencies. Attitude, your thoughts and feelings is yours 100 percent, which can be changed and directed to the things that are positive. You can decide to take a stand and the new measures as appropriate. Your life is your choice.

A healthy body
To function, the human body needs a physical freshness and nutritious food as well as an effective stress management.  Sore joints, excessive fatigue and weak muscles often occurs on Odapus which will cause the physical inactivity and reduce physical freshness. But equally important is determining the balance between enough rest and excessive. Break overload is not good for muscle, bone, and physical freshness in General. People-people who easily get sick, it tends to react negatively to situations – stressful situations and had a pattern of unhealthy living. By knowing this, you should try odapus tried to change patterns and lifestyle. Build a healthy soul is also a process. Nutrition and Diet-no "diet lupus". Excessive activity may make lupus became active again. Depression can also occur due to factors and a boost in the sufferer's life not related to lupus.

Healthy Philosophy
The pattern of healthy living is a philosophy that needs to be built by the Odapus to cultivate an attitude of life that can extend and enrich life. It is necessary for planning and preparedness within based on potential.
Health disorders can appear at any time, especially if we run against the symptoms and the cause. Without we realize lifestyle and unhealthy diet is the main cause factor. Although there are other causes that cannot be avoided as fakor genetic, environmental pollution. To stay healthy, there are many ways to get it. Among them is the following 7 tips and get a better quality of life:

1. Clean air, any healthy lungs
To avoid breathing disorder, hiruplah clean air and healthy. Here's how? No need to bother looking for air pegungungan, morning air is very good for your lungs. In addition avoid polluted air also, like cigarette smoke, fumes or dust vehicles. Clean the House and work on a regular basis, including furniture, fan and AIR CONDITIONING.

2. Drink plenty of plain water
White water is the best beverage of any kind. White water 8-10 drinking Biasakanlah glasses per day. This habit will help maintain a smooth functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract. Strive to drink warm water at night and cool water (no ice water) during the day. Also add a little lemon juice or lime juice. In addition to good to freshen up, this drink at the same time help removing toxins from the body. Avoid alcoholic drinks, and sparkling drink with a high content of sugar and caffeine. Vegetable and fruit juices are good for keeping and maintaining the body's health.

3. Seimbangkan between work, sport and rest
Hard work without breaks absolutely no Fortunately for you. Make it a habit a break 7-8 regular hours in the evening, and don't often staying up all night or sleeping too. Try using his spare time to work out lightly or simply relaxes muscles joints. With a work-out 2-3 times per week, for 30-45 minutes, enough to make the body fit and excellent stamina.

4. Control the brain works
The brain, as well as our bodies, he also needed a break. Do not give too much load, because the brain has a limited memory. Do the activities in his spare time that make the brain work more relaxed, for example doing a fun hobbies, such as painting, reading the latest novel or just listen to music.

5. Living life in harmony
Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm of nature as must adhere to if he wants to stay healthy. Do it all as prevention efforts by always considering the advice of wise men to "make the well before thirst arises". Use common sense! That's the key, don't sacrifice the life by obeying the living habits of self-indulgence through the bad and risky. For example, hard drink, smoke or use illegal drugs. Try to live your life in harmony, minimize the risk as much as possible the occurrence of psychic or emotional stress.

6. use nutritional supplements
Only if necessary! Our bodies need antioxidants (beta-carotene), vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium. All these substances needed by the body to increase vitality and extend life expectancy. To acquire it many ways that can be done. In addition to consume fresh food, it could be by way of consuming health supplements sold in the market. Preferably, the use of a dietary supplement recommended as more alternative therapies with emphasis on types of food supplements already researched and useful.

7. The consumption of nutritious and balanced menu
Healthy foods are foods that contain substances that are needed by our body or may be referred to as nutrients, so the same healthy foods with nutritious food. Nutritional substances which must be contained in the healthy foods are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.
Therefore choose a menu with enough nutrition, balanced, and varied. Expand the consumption of green vegetables and fruit contain more fiber and nutrients the body needs. As much as possible to avoid junk food and processed foods, as well as reduce consumption of salt and sugar. Cut down on fatty foods are high, such as butter, margarine, and coconut milk. Better get your natural fat intake of nuts or seeds. Forget the offal, brain food soups, thick coconut milk, skin the chicken and the egg yolk. Choose lean meat, various foods, low fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, egg whites, and fish as a good source of protein. As far as possible avoid food ingredients or preservatives which in the long-term can be a trigger for cancer. Don't forget breakfast! Because breakfast can support our activities throughout the day. Select a food or drink that is colored white natural (not on bleach). Use dyes from food ingredients such as Internet kiosks coklatnya of cocoa powder, red strowbery, turmeric, the yellow and the green of the leaves suji. Do not add sauce, soy sauce, salt and spices-condiments is excessive. Engineering food processing also affect the quality of the food. Select the method of cooking foods with steamed, boiled, or fried with a little oil.

8 traits of healthy and nutritious Foods Enough Nutrients

1. Animal fats to taste
The food should contain animal fats to taste only.
That is, the portion of a side dish we eat do not need much as at the time the steak dinner where meat servings more than vegetables and rice or potatoes. A piece of fish or eggs as well as tempe and tofu is enough for one meal.

2. Non MSG and a bit of salt
Foods containing MSG does have a more savory flavor and delicious. However, consumption of foods with MSG was less good for long term health. The impact of bad usage of this MSG until now is still in debate. Therefore, we should limit the consumption of foods containing MSG like factory-made snack. Also be aware of foods that contain Sodium or sodium as it is a kind of salt that is less good especially for sufferers of hypertension

3. Contain enough Fiber
Preferably, the food we eat enough fiber. Gado-gado, urap, Rojak is a type of food that we can insert in daily food menu. Consuming vegetables and steamed vegetables are also good to meet Your fiber needs every day.

4. Little Preservative
Food packaging factory generally use artificial preservatives, including instant broth. Preservatives that too much is not good for health. Preferably, you limit your consumption of foods with preservatives. Consumption of fresh food and the food just cooked is better than a fast food be durable because of certain chemical substances.

5. A little bit of cooking oil
Cooking oil makes food into fat. While you may have already obtained enough fat from other types of food. In addition, fried foods with high-temperature oil will make the natural nutrient contained in the food is damaged. And Fry food with jelantah oil or cooking oil that has already been used as well made the trans fat content and free radicals in the diet increased. The impact did not show up immediately, but one moment can lead to a cancer.

6. Do not use coconut milk
Bersantan food such as curry with beef rendang, soto, and contain high kolestrol. Caution eating bersantan as it was, because the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body is increased.
The impact of the consumption of foods containing high cholesterol will appear the next few years, for example, narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels and various heart diseases.

7. avoid foods that are too spicy
Foods that are too spicy can cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. In some people, the foods that are too spicy will cause abdominal pain or heartburn. You may only eat spicy foods, but don't be too spicy. In addition to food digestion, can be dangerous too spicy will also make you look a mess due to excessive sweat production.

8. Pretty half-baked as Food Matangnya ikan bakar, satay, and pickles are also worth noting, especially for pregnant women because the same is the case with raw food, harmful bacteria or viruses in foods may be half-baked belom died.

The three main functions of healthy food:

As an energy source, namely food substances can provide energy to the body's activities. Food substances that play a role in generating energy is carbohydrates and fat. In a pinch, protein can also as a source of energy. Calories per 1 gram of carbohydrate food substance is 4.1 Calories; 9.3 fat Calories; protein 4.1 calories (1 Calorie = 1 kilokalori) As a body builder, namely food substances necessary for growth, development, and replacement of damaged cells. The substance is a protein that serves food and some minerals.

As the protector of the food substance, i.e. the instrumental balance (homeostasis) biological processes or metabolism in the body. Such metabolism regulating hormone, regulates work bone growth, affect the heart, and organize transfers impulses nerve cells. The substances involved are food proteins, vitamins, minerals, water.

In addition to these three main functions, food also serves to:

Keep the body from stressful conditions that normally occur if someone is exposed to the disease, receive fairly heavy work pressure, or have problems that affect emotional. If enough nutrients will be impervious to stressful conditions, because nutrients are simply keeping the body in optimum condition.

Increase your intelligence, some research indicates that the adequacy of nutrition in infancy affects intelligence. Malnourished pregnant women (especially if a lack of protein and carbohydrates) gave birth to a child with a low learning ability.

Observe the function of reproduction, there is kolerasi between the adequacy of nutrient with the capability of reproducing females. Some studies show that women who experience a deficiency of nutrients is more often a miscarriage while pregnant and problematic during pregnancy.

2. The benefits of healthy living Patterns

The pattern of healthy living helps improve quality of life. By applying the pattern of healthy living, we can escape from a variety of ailments. Application of the pattern of healthy living can reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes then increases joint stability thereby increasing and improving the range of movements and retain the flexibility of joints. A healthy diet and regular exercise can maintain bone mass until we enter old age. This can prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Healthy life pattern also greatly affect our mental health. So many different tasks, jobs or problem we can as well because of the pattern of life that we apply, for example, regular exercise can improve mood or improve mood so as to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Then increase the sense of confidence. It also improves the ability of remembering and reduces stress on the aged.
n Activities that influence Bad Health against.

The fact remains that in the old days people have a healthy body, they are rarely exposed to the disease and aged longer than present-day humans. In modern times it is today, a lot of people died at a young age with the complications of the disease. According to the WHO data, seven percent of premature deaths caused by various diseases like heart, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Half of that amount related to poor eating patterns.

The modern diet is the main trigger for the onset of degenerative disease. Some modern diet that does not conform with the notion of healthy living patterns, among others, are consuming too many carbohydrates and fats as well as eating less fiber and often eat fast food (fast food) that contain preservatives, flavor enhancer, fats and empty calories. In addition, excessive snacking habits. In addition to mengemil, smoking can also cause harm to the health of teenagers. Because in smoking there are chemical substances that are harmful to the health of our body. 

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