A. Understanding The Pattern Of Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle is a simple option that is apt to run. Living with eating patterns, thoughts, habits and a healthy environment. Healthy in a fundamental sense of the Word are all things we're working on giving good results to the body. Understanding patterns of healthy life, according to experts: according to Kotler, healthy living Patterns defined by Kotler as a Description Of the activity or activities supported by Interest And desires, and how to live it in the Mind interacts with The environment.


Understanding healthy living patterns according to the view of the World Health Organization (WHO) is a State of mental, physical or social well-being, and not just on the absence of the disease in humans.

According To Wikipedia

Healthy living patterns according to Wikipedia is a prosperous form on body, soul and social, which allows each individual can live productive socially as well as economically.
From the above notions can be defined that a healthy lifestyle is a choice that is very appropriate for our survival, whereas the pattern of healthy living is the way that must be taken to obtain a healthy physical physically and spiritually. So a healthy lifestyle is a process to achieve a pattern of healthy living.

B. Healthy Living Patterns Tujusn

Our goal of applying a pattern of healthy living course for maintaining the health of the body and get a better life. But it turns out that by running our healthy life patterns not only our physical health will get also get a bonus of spiritual health is stable. Beside that, by adopting a healthy lifestyle does not eat meat, just means that we reduce the effects of global warming. These are the advantages that we can run a pattern of healthy living, both physically and mentally.

C. Factors Influencing The Pattern Of Healthy Living

1. Patterns of behavior

Patterns of behavior (behavioral patterns) will always be different in the situation and the different social environments, and ever changing, nothing is settled (fixed). Individual lifestyle, characterized by behavior patterns of individuals, will give impact on the health of individuals and on the health of others. In health, the person's lifestyle can be changed by means of empowering individuals in order to change her lifestyle, but changing it is not on the individual, but also commands the changing social environment and the living conditions of yangmempengaruhipolaprilakunya.

2. Changes in lifestyle

Walking along economic growth, social and culture technology that negative symptoms have been many felt this moment now, such as less physical motion, behavior of smoking, drugs, booze, more nutrition, less vegetables, lack of rest danlain-other a smoking habit.)

In accordance with the National socio-economic survey (SUSENAS) 2004, smoking started in adolescents aged 10 years, and at the age of 15 to 19 years of age to occupy 60% as the numbers on the smoker, 91% of smokers have the customs of smoking at home. At present there are 43 million kuarangnya at the House of the mother and children who are exposed to cigarette smoke as a passive peroko which can be a factor in the risk of penyakittidakmenular (PTM).

b) Less Physical Motion

Less physical activity behaviour of motion in nasiaonal for the population aged 15 years and above only 9% of those who do exercise for health. 43% of disease according to WHO, there are kaitanya with unsurkuranggerak.

c) Unbalanced Eating Pattern

Unbalanced diet of many experienced by our society and worst of the existence of data less fiber, less vegetables and fruits reach 99%. The problem of overweight or obese already experienced by children who reached 11%.

D. How To Perform The Correct Healthy Lifestyle Patterns

1. Regular Sleeping

Regular and sufficient sleep, healthy sleep patterns are actually from 9 pm until 6 am. Because the hours of sleep is normal and healthy is 8-9 hours. If you sleep less or more than 8-9, there will be likely you will experience something that make you unhealthy. So remember!!! enough sleep it is very important.

2. Eat healthy

Eat healthy food 4 5 perfect is also a healthy eating pattern, and a minimum of 3 times a day. As for healthy food 4 5 no need to perfect me explain here, will be able to tell by looking at my other article here: what are Healthy Food Menu 4 5 Perfectly good health

3. sleep Enough

If you are a worker, your hours of work a maximum of 10 hours, it was feared that if more of your body will susceptible to disease because it's too excessive in its use in the work.

Healthy is the State of one's spiritual as well as physical and social environment at a good stage.
Healthy living is the need of every human being, consciousness will preserve the health of a reflection of the attitude both to the personal responsibility of each as well as the environment, the responsible it means there is a will to take care of themselves physically and spiritually as well as caring for the environment where the social.
So how can I live a healthy life?

The pattern of life that is not either produce individuals who are not good anyway, so leave a pattern of life that is not good. The pattern of life then we can pluck a result we want. There are some tips toward healthy living patterns, namely:

1. Conditioning and breakfast

Busyness and time make this one a miss, but with breakfast our body feels fresh. Select menu and breakfast with the food nutritious vegetables and fibrous.

2. Exercise regularly

Our bodies require motion each day to help burn fat stored in the body. Exercise will also help tighten the muscles of the body, in addition to its effect on physical exercise also help reduce depression, restore brain function.

3. Consume well water

The body of the adult 60-70% consists of water, water helps the body metabolism. The amount of water required a new human being tailored to a person's activity level, temperature and moisture environment, but the body requires at least 2-2.5 liters of water or about 8 cups.

4. Eat a balanced nutritious food

Balanced nutrition foods is a diversified food consumed daily with enough nutritional value, meaning no shortage or excessive. The food that we consume have nutritional value as carbohydrates as a source of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins.

 5. Avoid stress

Stress is the reaction of a person against the demands that come from outside or in the mind of the individual itself. This stress causes can come from outside or from within. The stress of the environment may be caused because of the noise, traffic congestion, pollution, and all sorts of other disorders. Stress from within due to certain diseases or injuries, tension of mind. How to cope with it, that is, identify the cause and then search for the way out. Avoid the stress can also be by way of positive thinking and keep smiling.

6. Sleep

Sleep gives the opportunity to the parts of the body to refresh functionality after a day of activities. A good sleep is not seen from the length but of the quality of sleep itself. But basically the adult takes between 6-8 hours to sleep. A good sleep is beneficial to prevent hypertension, obesity, stroke, heart disease.

So some tips towards healthy life patterns. With a healthy life then our lives are more regular, fresh and fit. With our healthy living can also improve performance, always positive minded either against themselves or the environment so that good social interaction occurs. May we include people who have healthy living patterns, may be useful.

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