This white fleshy fruit, in addition to the known it tastes good, its benefits cannot be underestimated. Benefits of soursop one is able to kill cancer cells. Soursop itself contains some important content such as calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate charcoal, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B, and c. Of the contents, of course we could know how great all this soursop fruit benefits.

Soursop Cancer Cure?

There are several publications that support that soursop can help treat a variety of illnesses, including malignant cancer. The following among them.

1. In 1976, the National Cancer Institute conducts scientific research first about the benefits of soursop fruit. The result they concluded that rod and soursop leaves can help destroy malignant cells, including cancer cells.

2. Catholic University of South Korea did a study about the benefits of soursop and published through the Journal of Natural Products. 38. find that the chemical compounds contained in the soursop, effective for memnghancurkan colon cancer cells as well as 10,000 times are like chemotherapy drugs. In addition to these chemical compounds known to be selective in choosing the target so that it does not harm healthy cells.

3. 20 laboratory tests such as offered by found that soursop content to effectively kill cancer cells but does not damage healthy cells. Listed there are 12 types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, lung, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancer, which can be killed by the cell contents from the soursop fruit. In addition to the green-skinned fruit is also beneficial boosts your immune system and prevent infection.

4. Dr. Hardhi, Chairman of the Indonesia Association of Herbal Medical Doctor (PDHMI), stating that the soursop contains compounds, saponins polyphenols and Bioflavonoids which function as antioxidants. Unlike with other herbs, soursop does not harm healthy cells, but rather just kill abnormal cells that damage like cancer cells.

5. American Indians use a soursop including leaves, stems, fruit, and seeds for mengobat various diseases such as heart, liver disorders, asthma, and arthritis, during ' centuries '.

The benefits gained from Every part of the plant soursop, among them:

1. The benefits of Soursop Fruit:

-Soursop Fruit can be processed into a special paganan with many pemanfaatnya, such as soursop juice can be made that can relieve thirst and throat.
-Soursop Fruit can also cope with the heat in, lowering fever, mouth ulcers and can improve the immune system of the body or the body more optimal durability.
-Soursop Fruit are processed into juice can help prevent osteoporosis and helps strengthen bones with dosage drink 2 times a day morning and evening.
-Soursop Fruit can also keep the body's immune system to fight disease or health disorder of various bodies from the danger of bacteria and fungi.
-Soursop Fruit can also help streamline the process of food digestion in the body because the fruit soursop contains fiber that is high enough so that it is safer for the stomach and the stomach.
-Soursop Fruit can also smoothen bowel movements so that spared from the problem of constipation.
-Not only to there, the benefits of soursop fruit is also very good as penamabah energy in the body, thus making the body look more fresh and fit.

Drug research experts from the United States researching that Graviola leaf or call also with soursop leaves it does contain anti-cancer substances (Annonaceous Acetogenin) which has its benefits as a powerful substance to root out and kill the tumor and the cancer cells turn off without disturbing other important cells in the body.

2. Efficacy and benefits of soursop leaves:

1. use a soursop leaves with boiling can inhibit the development of cancer cells is not normal and resurrect the body cells of normal
2. Soursop leaves also warms the stomach without interfering with the function of other organs such as the stomach and liver.
3. Soursop leaves can also be used as herbs to lose weight.
4. Addressing the problem of hair loss.
5. Protect and strengthen the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
6. Treat cancer breast, colon, lung, prostate and pancreas.
7. Treating lumbago.
8. Overcoming the babies affected by diarrhea or diarrhoea.
9. Overcoming ambeien or hemorrhoids, ulcers.
10. Address the anyang-anyangan or urinary water disposal which are not smooth.
11. Overcame pain during urination.
12. Overcoming liver disease or liver.
13. Cope with Eczema (one of skin disease).
14. Treat sore joints or rheumatism.
15. As the anti-bacteria.

16. Help lower high blood pressure.

3. Benefits of soursop flowers:

The flowers of the plant soursop can be utilized as a medicinal cure for eye cataracts. The plant soursop also contains the value of the nutrient content of natural compounds that prove tamanan soursop has tremendous benefits, because is based on and influenced by the active compounds of the plant soursop section, such as:

The fruit of this one a great many benefits to humans. Of course you are familiar with this one. The fruit is often used for juice and can also directly in the meal. It's like the typical, sweet – sweet tamarind, you'll definitely like. Not only a useful fruit now leaves also used those for the treatment of cancer.

Soursop (Anona muricata Linn) is a close relative of custard apples (Anona squamosa Linn). These plants from the tropics of the Americas, which is around Peru, Mexico, and Argentina. The word is derived from the Netherlands soursop, zuurzak. Zuur zak meaning sour, and means the bag. So, literally zuurzak can be interpreted as a sour bags. In Malaysia, soursop is called durian Netherlands (Dutch durian). While in Indonesia, usually called jackfruit, jackfruit landa, or jackfruit. In the language of the United Kingdom, known as the soursop fruit soursop because it tastes sweet acidity.

Soursop contain nutrients that are very much, such as carbohydrates, fructose, assorted vitamins and Ascorbic acid. So don't be surprised if the benefits of this fruit in health it is extremely large. Hmm.. It would be easier if I just expose the myriad benefits of soursop fruit. Like below:

Soursop fruit contain phosphorus and calcium that are quite high. Very good to form strong bones and to prevent osteoporosis.

Create a sufferer of gout, you should drink the juice soursop two glasses a day.
Can increase the durability of the body and slows aging. Konsumsilah soursop fruit every day, there are 13% soursop in need food fiber your body needs, this is because vitamin C is high.

Can cripple cancer cells. Soursop leaves contain substances that can kill actogenins annonaceuos bowel cancer, prostate, breast, Lung – pulmonary and pancreas without damaging healthy cells. Here's how you boil 10 sheets soursop leaves with 3 glasses of water, let the water stay drunk one glass every morning and evening.

Content fruktosanya can make you stay fresh, and can drain energy. This is because fructose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) that is found in many fruits. This could be a good natural source of carbohydrate for the body.
Can treat boils. Use a soursop leaves young, mashed until smooth, then put the place affected by ulcers.

It would be refreshing if the current hot in daytime, soursop juice drink cold. In addition to refreshing, off thirst, also rich in benefits.


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