Tips Facing Students "Naughty"

Tips Facing Students "Naughty"

As people who are in an institution, let alone Secondary Vocational Schools that in fact their students are boys facing students "naughty" is it is normal. Starting from students who are often late or skipping school, not doing the task/PR, noisy in the classroom, the run time hours of instruction, not prayer, and there are still many examples of "delinquency" others often do students. Things are indeed really test our patience. It takes patience and a high level of oomph.

In fact if there's actually children labeled "naughty"? The author himself did not agree when there are students who are labeled "naughty". Moreover, not a few teachers who give the label "naughty" when he felt he was not able to control their students. In sisilain the size of the "naughty" every teacher is different. Most teachers will assume his "naughty" when their students not doing HOMEWORK, other teachers argue that students often skip work/do not enter school is students who are "naughty", others consider the obstreperous student learning is that students " naughty ".

In my opinion there is no such thing as a student "naughty", that there is;

Student identity crisis. Biological and sociological change in teen allows the occurrence of two forms of integration. First, the formation of feeling will be the consistency of his life. Second, the achievement of identity roles. Student delinquency occurs because students failed to reach the second integration period.

Students who have a weak self control. Students who cannot learn and discern acceptable behavior with that unacceptable behaviour would be "naughty". As well as for those who already know the difference of two such behaviour, yet could not develop self control to behave in accordance with his knowledge.

Students who lack affection of parents. Parents who are too busy with work to cause less attention to their children. Do not introduce and teach religious norms to his son. As a result he would often skip work or school late. While in school he will be acting messes to get attention from others, including to his teacher.

Students who harmois not his parents or even divorced. The atmosphere in the House that will cause uncomfortable children do not focus when the lesson. Both parents are supposed to melidungi and give a good example thus becomes the root of the problem.

Students who become "victims" of a relative or a friend sepermainannya. The type of the child such as this will do the same thing on other children because he was a ' victim ' and trying to get revenge.
Students who got pressure from parents. This pressure can be either parent demands are too high will prstasi his son at school or in the House Ordinance too strict/curb. As a result can vary, students could have subdued but could also be "naughty" because it feels like to be free.

Students who experience violence in the family environment. This is due to several factors, including economic problems. Students who experience violence in the home, it is now at the school she will show attitude of rebellion to his teacher or even do kekersaan like what he experienced.
The wrong students hang out. The environment is indeed very very great influence on the development of students ' attitudes. Guidelines for inappropriate or deviant behaviour which could cause wrong diverge.

That's the reason why some students behave "naughty" while at school. When we know the background of the problem of our pupils perikau, surely we would feel pity and compassion. Therefore let us as educators begin to stop negative labels to students.

A few tips below we can try to address student behavior that "naughty", are:

Pray for the children to land. Say the name of each of our pray. Berharaplah what we ask God's will be done and when we confront it God mengkaruniakan patience on ourselves. Rest assured he will change, because of the belief it is prayer. She definitely changed, whether it's tomorrow, after tomorrow, or whenever.

I personally do not setju with the above title because the stamp or label rogue is easy given the teacher if he felt he was not able to control the behavior of their students. Naughty student who most will bear the stamp of that during the years he was at the same school. If a child got mischievous cap in the first year he customarily then cap it will stick on.

Unique size naughty teacher each vary. For a teacher who taught at a religious-based schools all children ' the streets ' or that of his life on the road would be said to be a bad boy. No wonder because in school they will be all the words of the children maintained and cared for. Children should not be said crude and so on. As for the children who live on the street, colloquially they are indeed words according to our ' rough ' and out of place.

Thus let as educators begin to reduce giving negative stamp. Because the cap is negative is very relative and have different standards and sizes. The teacher can do is deconstruct the back cap bad boy.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a bad boy, that there is;

children lacking affection of parents. He is acting negatively in class because she needs attention. For children like this, the cries of angry teachers such as ' caresses ' dikupingnya because at home she rarely even considering the affected child bully from a relative or friend sepermainannya. The type of the child such as this will do the same thing on other children because he was a ' victim ' and trying for revenge the second son of his parents experiencing marital problems. Her life is already uncomfortable again. Both parents are supposed to protect are in conflict it is which makes it not a focus moment in the class and make it a cause of trouble in class. The above list could grow again with a series of other things can be seen as the cause of a child's misbehavior is a ' '.

If there are children in your class the categorized this bad my suggestion;

stop say or stop cap naughty on the child. Say "I think other people say about you that's not true, I think you are better than people say" thus the child to feel there are people who still believe in him. search continues for comprehensive info about tara's family or any info back in order to make you so much more understanding and patient in the face of his behavior be patient and keep praying for the boy. Say the name of the child in prayer when you finish worshipping him in the face, then I am sure teachers would be blessed with patience. Give it credence. Start small, let it bring your stuff to the teachers room to make it a leader in one occasion in class. Catch the wet when he was doing good, praise it right then and there, or in writing with a piece of paper.

When chided saying "this week you've had a lot of progress, why now why a negative acting again? '
Say "I am proud of you could change ' rather than ' I'm glad you could change '. If you say happy then it will be changed in order to please you as a teacher. While feeling proud of the pure teacher going on because the teachers are proud of the attitude of his students do. Say "I believe you can certainly choose the most good to thy own self and can change '. Stop the negative attitude of the child can only begin with a strategy of using the approach to heart.

If a year with you he has also changed his trust in the following year he would change, if you don't change too trust that he'll remember there is one teacher that is you who always believe him.

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