Various Risks Of Using Sex Tools For Women

Various Risks Of Using Sex Tools For Women

Various risks of using sex tools for women – a tool for sex is a means to achieving orgasm at the moment of sexual intercourse. Whether it is performed by both men and women. For those of you who want to use it, you should know the risks that can occur does not use it properly and according to the instructions.
Here is explained about the risks of sexual AIDS to women.

1. Cause irritation and injury

Sex AIDS can cause vaginal irritation. This happens if done excessively and less sterile. One of the tools that don't have sex butt plug is also dangerous because it can injure the anus of the user.
Most women choose to stimulate the sex AIDS part of their anus and if the tool does not have a butt plug disc-shaped tool, namely on the basis of a useful tool to prevent such equipment so as not to enter fully into the anus. If not, peristaltic rectum in anus will suck those tools and of course, the user could be in danger because of it.
When someone is using the tools of sex also sometimes complain of fungal diseases on area vitalnya, the use of tools of sex can also injure vitalnya area. This is caused due to fungal infections increases the risk of allergic reactions, irritation and even infection due to friction on the area of sex AIDS vital where the fungal infection.

2. Megnurangi the vital instrument sensitivity

Other risks from the use of the tools can reduce the sensitivity i.e. sex vagina. Sex AIDS, especially various types of vibrators, has proven it can cause temporary numbness on the pussy and of course, it could be quite dangerous for Your vital areas of sensitivity.

3. A lot of that comes from a hazardous materials

Currently circulating are also tools that are estimated to contain compounds toxic and dangerous. For example, various sex AIDS from phalates believed to have toxic effects on the human body.
Selaun made of lubricating fluid, phalates has also been known to be dangerous to the body of the user.
For it before using it we must jelly, lubricating fluid will be absorbed by the skin and has been proven, the fluid can grow the toxins in the body of the user.
On the other hand many outstanding lubrication fluids while it has also been shown to cause cancer, especially if used regularly. Plus more, artificial fragrances and colors of substances contained in a liquid lubricant circulating on the market today have also proven to be very harmful to the body.

4. Risk of Sexual Disease

One of the other dangers are at risk of sexual disease menularnya through the use of these tools. This could occur if the tool is used simultaneously by multiple users and one users suffered from sexual diseases. What if the tools used are not sterile and can lead to disease because of bacteria or viruses in the genitals.

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